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I have to admit I wasn't a fan of the Rivera hiring when it happened, but the more I hear him...
If Ron doesn’t promote him to GM soon another team will. Hopefully he sees what a solid front...
I must start off by saying, if anyone here is a conspiracy theorist - that's your thing, I'm not...
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Here's another episode of Hot Ones like Mike posted earlier. The wife and I watch this show a...
This is an awesome community of Redskins fans. But as with any healthy group, an infusion of new...

Ron Rivera Presser 2/26/20 NFL Combine

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Ron Rivera speaks at the 2020 NFL Combine (Presser starts at the 4:00 minute mark).

Kyle Smith NFL Combine Presser 2/25/20

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NFL Combine Press Conference - Kyle Smith, Redskins Vice President of Player Personnel

Conspiracy Theories & The People Who Believe Them

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I must start off by saying, if anyone here is a conspiracy theorist - that's your thing, I'm not here to knock it. I'm just curious about why some of them are even a thing, and why the people who believe in them think anyone who doesn't is an idiot.

I have a friend. We'll call him JR, because that's his name. When I moved into his neighborhood...

World's *BEST* Hot Sauce

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Something about that 'Y' chromosome... we males seem to crave spicy. And the easiest way to spice almost anything up in the modern era is to grab our favorite bottle of hot sauce.

There are thousands of them out there. Apparently, there are even hot sauce collectors. But what's the absolute best hot sauce you've ever had. Not hottest, not...

The Reluctance To Elect Special Teamers To The HOF - Featuring Brian Mitchell & Darren Sproles

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I read a story this morning where TMZ caught up with Darren Sproles and asked him about the possibility of enshrinement in the HOF. When asked directly if he is a HOF player, he responds, "I feel like I am." Well, I feel like you are too Mr. Sproles. Likewise for Brian Mitchell.

This made me start to wonder why there is such a reluctance to...

Help us grow BGO

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This is an awesome community of Redskins fans. But as with any healthy group, an infusion of new energy, personalities, and voices is essential to its future health. It's hard to convince folks to 'join a website' in an era of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Folks like to make 'driveby' posts that require little time or thought. We enjoy the...

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Mock Draft 2/21/20 Boone
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Burner's Burning Questions: Mock Draft 2/21/20
Who will the Skins select with pick #2 and beyond?
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Redskins Release TE Jordan Reed Boone
Latest Press Releases: Redskins Release TE Jordan Reed
Team decides it is time to move on from talented but oft-injured and concussed Reed
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Humpty Dumpty Boone
A Burgundy and Gold Obsession: Humpty Dumpty
All the King's horses and all the King's men, couldn't put Alex together again. Or could they?
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Offseason Update 2/19/20 Boone
Burner's Burning Questions: Offseason Update 2/19/20
What's going on so far in the 2020 Redskins offseason?
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Key Dates, 2020 Season Boone
Burner's Burning Questions: Key Dates, 2020 Season
Here are the important 2020 NFL dates you need to know about
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Another 2020 BBQ Mock Boone
Burner's Burning Questions: Another 2020 BBQ Mock
Mock me once...shame on me...
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