1. Win4us Win4us:
    Been ridiculously warm for a MN winter
  2. Win4us Win4us:
    I got a measly 3.5 point on Sunday, should be tender steaks
  3. Win4us Win4us:
    He get one yet?
  4. Burgundy Burner Burgundy Burner:
    Son-in-law got his first deer of the season. He has a license in several states. This happened today in Kentucky. His goal this season is six.
  5. Win4us Win4us:
    Aaaaaaand no deers
  6. Win4us Win4us:
    Deer season tomorrow!
  7. Burgundy Burner Burgundy Burner:
    Channeling your inner Rob Ryan.
  8. Boone Boone:
    It's bye week folks. Not bye-bye week. Lots to talk about.
  9. Boone Boone:
    I only needed a hundred grand. Sheesh.
  10. Burgundy Burner Burgundy Burner:
    This person is a WFT fan and has been a follower for quite sometime. Just, weird.