1. Boone Boone:
    A day that will live... in ....infamy
  2. MikefromOH MikefromOH:
    I picked the wrong week to give up booze
  3. Elephant Elephant:
    Hello...hello...hello! is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me? Is there anyone home?
  4. Boone Boone:
    We are, without question, legends in our own minds. Except Henry. He's just a legend.
  5. Burgundy Burner Burgundy Burner:
    The colors of burgundy and gold will remain and this site will not change. This site is run by future visionaries.
  6. Boone Boone:
    People are searching Warrior and Wolf Obsession
  7. MikefromOH MikefromOH:
    is this thing on? Dead room today.
  8. MikefromOH MikefromOH:
    watching "The Game Plan" with the Rock yesterday and my son yells "hail to the Redskins"...I just about cried. He was so close to being a diehard
  9. Boone Boone:
    Being a Redskins fan is like an all-you-can-eat buffet that only serves shit sandwiches.
  10. Boone Boone:
    This is my box and imma shout