1. MikefromOH MikefromOH:
    do we have a quick link or part on the home page for the schedule?
  2. Boone Boone:
    New Springsteen/E Street Band album coming in October. Sounds like it will be more rock-oriented, which excites me.
  3. Neophyte Neophyte:
    Game Day thread is up!
  4. Boone Boone:
    Sign up for the Pickem Contest folks. It's free, it's fun, it's what America is all about.
  5. Burgundy Burner Burgundy Burner:
    We have our producer and our color commentator.
  6. SilentThreat SilentThreat:
    I've actually thought about putting together a podcast...
  7. MikefromOH MikefromOH:
    I do think the happy hour thing was pretty fun. I would be up to drink and scream in to a phone some more :)
  8. Boone Boone:
    If someone wants to investigate the software, I'm 100% open to it.
  9. Burgundy Burner Burgundy Burner:
    But we should have a podcast once a month.
  10. Boone Boone:
    We don't have a 'mobile' app. The site loads great on any phone or portable device Mke. Nothing you can do on the full site that you can't do on your phone. Some features aren't available unless you turn your phone sideways to landscape mode though.