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Live and Let Die is one of my favorite Bond movies. I could watch the speedboat chase scene...
Really enjoyed the overview and rankings. I think we are underrating the TE group specifically...
Great pod, thought everyone bounced off each other really well in the discussion.
The Pigs talk Post-OTA/Minicamp vibes, discuss the most recent 'Commanders Log' episode, debate...

Congrats Om!

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Brother Om clocks in for the last time today at the Department of Justice where he has faithfully served for over 35 years.

Congrats on all of your accomplishments and may retirement be everything you hope it to be! :cheers:

Washington Commanders: 2024 Studs and Duds

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The Blind Pig crew talks potential veteran 'breakout' and possible 'step back' players in 2024. Who will shine and who will regress? No one knows but we talk about likely candidates with our fan fingers crossed. With apologies in advance to Jim Zorn and his relatives #maroonandblackbutnotmasterofhisowndomain

Where does Washington draft in 2025?

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See them all here!

Make sure to scroll to the bottom where they have their projections for the 2025 draft order. :oops:

I'll spare you the wait - they have Washington drafting #5. Agree? Disagree...

Washington Commanders: Impact Additions 2024

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On this week's BGO Blind Pig, the guys discuss the Rookie draft choice and the Free Agent acquisition they see most positively impacting the 2024 Commanders season.

Washington Commanders: BGO Hot Topics

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The Blind Pig crew talks up some of BGO's current 'hot topics' including (groan) whether the team will change the name and/or logo, OTAs, and some exciting Front Office additions.

BGO Blind Pig: Washington Commanders 2024 Schedule Reaction

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The guys dig in to this week's Commanders 2024 schedule release, talk about what to expect in Adam Peters/Dan Quinn & Company's inaugural season, and make fun of Kirk Cousins because it felt like the right thing to do. #NameChangeDiscussionFreeZone

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'Be patient or I'll kill you' Boone
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A Burgundy and Gold Obsession: 'Be patient or I'll kill you'
Patience you must have Padawan
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'All that hate's gonna burn you up kid' Boone
A Burgundy and Gold Obsession: 'All that hate's gonna burn you up kid'
Washington fans are angry. You won't like us when we're angry.
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Hold On Boone
A Burgundy and Gold Obsession: Hold On
Change is coming. Hold on.
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The Sound of Silence Boone
Behind Enemy Lines The Sound of Silence
The Commander's first draft pick ever was met with stunned silence...
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Hindsight is 50-50 Boone
A Burgundy and Gold Obsession: Hindsight is 50-50
Did Washington make a huge mistake in selecting Chase Young in the 2020 draft?
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Back Shoulder Fade - Identity? SilentThreat
Back Shoulder Fade Back Shoulder Fade - Identity?
Have we finally found it?
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