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This team is 3-1 if our defense played like the hype train they appear to still be riding on was...
Wait a minute! Rivera didn't go for two because he thought the team was gassed? So, in his...
Chicago Bears @ Washington Commanders @ When: Thursday, October 5th 2023 - 8:15PM Where...
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Very confident because Henry will be at the game with his son, and he's undefeated at FedEx Field.

Chase Young

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Lots of opinions out there on this young man, including my own (which isn't favorable at the moment but isn't set in stone either).

Baldinger seems to think Chase is on his way back and posted this on Twitter (year, not gonna call it X - ever).

While these plays are wonderful, the ones I have stuck...

BGO Blind Pig: Washington vs. Bears

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The guys review the Ugly, the Bad, and eventually the Good in the Commanders road battle and near-win in Philadelphia, throw shade at Chase Young, praise Howell and Bienemy, and make some bold predictions about our chances against Chicago on Thursday night.

Post-Eagle's Game Quotes: Rivera, Howell

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Comments from Ron Rivera and Sam Howell following the tough OT loss in Philadelphia.

How confident are you in Washington taking care of business Thursday night?

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What's your confidence level in a Washington win Thursday night against the Bears?

Grading Del Rio

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This is Jack Del Rio's fourth year as DC. You can make an argument that he has had more invested in the defense and more than enough time to shape the defense as he wants it. Now, some of that is qualified by Rivera, the front office's draft skill, and Dan Snyder's cap restrictions, but Del Rio has had more than enough time for us decide what...

Sunday's Game Chat

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Join us Sunday in our BGO Command Post Chatroom as we watch 2-1 Washington take on the Eagles in Philadelphia. Washington and Philadelphia have split the previous 6 games, with Washington embarrassing the Eagles in their last 2022 meeting. It is sure to be an...

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The Sound of Silence Boone
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Behind Enemy Lines The Sound of Silence
The Commander's first draft pick ever was met with stunned silence...
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Hindsight is 50-50 Boone
A Burgundy and Gold Obsession: Hindsight is 50-50
Did Washington make a huge mistake in selecting Chase Young in the 2020 draft?
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Back Shoulder Fade - Identity? SilentThreat
Back Shoulder Fade Back Shoulder Fade - Identity?
Have we finally found it?
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The Evolution of Scott Turner's Offense Boone
Coach Turner's offensive vision is just starting to reveal itself...
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The Wildcard Boone
A Grumpy Fan's Take The Wildcard
The good, the bad, and the ugly, 2020 Wildcard style...
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Philly Week 17 MikefromOH
A Grumpy Fan's Take Philly Week 17
A grumpy fan's take on the game
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    Dallas losing to the Cardinals would make all of my boo boos feel better
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    It's Victory Monday!
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    Join us for our Sunday BGO Game Chat today!
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    Game day!!!!! Start of a brand new era. It’s going to be an amazing day :)

Confidence Level vs. Bears Thursday?

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    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • Very Confident

    Votes: 6 50.0%
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