• The 2020 Season will be the last for our little community. Following the final WFT game of the 2020 season, the site will close it's doors. We wanted to give you a little advance notice so that you could retrieve any photos, content, or other material from the site before it became unavailable, so that you could exchange contact info with anyone you may desire, and ensure that folks would forgo any site donations going forward. We have had a blast being your favorite Redskins and WFT watering hole for the past decade. We had a great run and each of you were a part of it. Thanks to all of you for your amazing contributions and camaraderie. You made this a special place.

Burgundy and Gold Obsession

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The Denver QB situation wasn't even multiple positives... it was 1 positive in a position group...
None. This will be the last - unless forums like this one make a comeback in five or ten years...
I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. The complex where my folks live did allow one visitor...
We watched the game without sound. My dad has not been watching football this year, but relented...

Game Day - 2020 Week 1 - Washington vs Philadelphia

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Talk about the game here - before, during, and after. Hail!

Happy Thanksgiving, BGO!

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If this is our last Thanksgiving together, I want you all to know that I am thankful for each and every one of you. Even Elephant! LOL

Hopefully all of you make it safely here and are not cooked tomorrow! I saw the President pardoned a turkey yesterday...hopefully it was one of you!


The Bon Voyage Thread

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It can never be a 'goodbye' thread - because for the folks who have called this place their Redskins-loving-and-hating interwebz stop for more than 11 years, friendships and relationships will continue on well past the lifetime of a little website.

We gave it a good try... opened up some shiny new digs last year in the hope that it would...

Official NFL Power Rankings Week 9

Ron Rivera 11/2/2020

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November 2, 2020

Head Coach Ron Rivera

On considering a trade of DE Ryan Kerrigan before the deadline:
“First of all, I’m not going to speculate on anything because it’s all been rumors. We’re going to leave it at that.
Ryan’s been a big part of what we’ve done. He’s been a big part of this organization for a number of years...

Official Rant of the Day

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Three Good Things is awesome, but let's keep it real - sometimes you just need to rant about the little things in life that drive you crazy!

I'll get us started. When I was a kid, no one would even think about talking about Christmas until we'd at least gotten through Thanksgiving. But now, as soon as Halloween and the pumpkin spice craze...

Latest resources

6/11/20: McLaurin, Kerrigan Boone
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Terry and Ryan discuss the offseason with a new coaching staff...
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6/10/20: Dwayne Haskins Boone
Skins Quotes: 6/10/20: Dwayne Haskins
Haskins talks about Black Lives Matter and his development
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Skins Quotes 6/10/20: Ron Rivera Boone
Coach Rivera on diversity and the Redskins
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5/28/20: DC Jack Del Rio Boone
Skins Quotes: 5/28/20: DC Jack Del Rio
Jack Del Rio, Skins new DC, talks defense and the offseason...
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5/27/20: OC Scott Turner Boone
Skins Quotes: 5/27/20: OC Scott Turner
New Skins OC Scott Turner talks offseason and Dwayne Haskins development..
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5/26/20: Nate Kaczor ST Coordinator Boone
Redskins new ST coordinator discusses the offseason
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  1. Boone Boone:
    We are going to shock Pittsburgh on Monday.
  2. Boone Boone:
    Boone goes to the Injured Reserve list. Done for the season.
  3. Win4us Win4us:
    Been ridiculously warm for a MN winter
  4. Win4us Win4us:
    I got a measly 3.5 point on Sunday, should be tender steaks
  5. Win4us Win4us:
    He get one yet?
  6. Burgundy Burner Burgundy Burner:
    Son-in-law got his first deer of the season. He has a license in several states. This happened today in Kentucky. His goal this season is six.
  7. Win4us Win4us:
    Aaaaaaand no deers
  8. Win4us Win4us:
    Deer season tomorrow!


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