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Great Movies That Others Might Enjoy, Or Ones To Avoid

Cruella is freaking amazing. It is a great back story like Maleficent was for snow white.
Saturday morning Josey Wales and a big black coffee.

Life don't get much better than that!
If you're a marvel fan, black widow was amazing.

Watching the tomorrow war now.
Josey Wales is my favorite Eastwood movie hands down.

Got bored and rewatched ‘Porky’s’ last night, has its moments but wasn’t as funny as I remembered.
I have one I know you guys would enjoy… ‘Nobody’ starring Bob Odenkirk. I’m not going to give you any info on it, just trust me you’ll like this one. It’s a PPV on Amazon.

I remember this like it was yesterday..
My wife and I watched ‘Pig’ with Nicholas Cage last night. Very different movie. Apparently shot on a shoestring budget over just 20 days with no scene reshoots. Worth a watch. Cage is excellent in a very subdued role.
We saw the new James Bond movie, No Time to Die yesterday. I enjoyed it, even though it was very long. The movie "started" at 3:50, but after previews and the actual movie, it was about 6:55 when it ended. The Craig Bond movies have always been a bit different than the others. It's a sign of the times and if you go back and watch all the Bond movies, they all reflect the time in history they were made. So if you have that understanding, you don't get too lost in the "this isn't like Goldfinger" of whatever old Bond movie people like. And without getting too much into details or spoilers, I'll just say I thought they did a good job handling some things I heard rumors about that may affect future movies.
And how can this be? For he is the Kwisatz Haderach!

This movie better live up to the hype...the original is one of my favorites of all time.
You guys seen the preview for the Netflix TCM? Not sure how I feel about it yet, probably watch it regardless.

TCM to me is one of those movies where no matter what the remakers/recasting/reboots and intentions and castings they all just totally suck donkey nuts

Watched Ghostbusters afterlife recently, it's fun, it's stupid, it's nostalgic and it's a decent ghostbusters movie, my only complaint, the ending dragged ass
Yeah got bored and watched the Netflix TCM today. The only good thing about it was the special effects. Pretty sure they were mostly practical effects which is what I prefer in movies.

Storyline was stupid as hell and contained some cringy SJW dialogue. Disappointing
Looking forward to the new movie that Spielberg will produce - an updated story on "Frank Bullitt". The 1968 movie is a favorite and it has the best car chase scene of all time.

It will be interesting to see the timeframe (1970s? 1980s?) and what the plot will be. You can't replace Steve McQueen, but in no way should it be a CGI of him as well. A new actor is what I prefer, but it better be a good one. I could see Matt Damon based on his similar looks or if they want to go a bit older, Daniel Craig. Either way, I'm glad that Spielberg is a part of it. Hoping for the best.
Watched Shut In, enjoyed it, only a few moments of "peace" in it, very intense.
Watched free guy on Disney plus. Pretty cool if you are a gamer.
Watching a movie called "our friend"

I'm not going to tell anything about it, but I've already cried 4x and I'm only halfway through it.
'Elvis'... is NOT a great movie. So disappointed in it. First of all, it's just flat out all over the place. Secondly, that Tom Hanks 'Colonel Parker' was one of the weirdest, most awkward ever. I'm not sure what that accent he's attempting is supposed to be, but it's just a really bad performance (and I love me some Tom Hanks).

Only redemption is that the kid playing Elvis does a very good job.

It was too much, left me all shook up.
Watched ‘Nope’ last night. Very deliberate pace and quite long. Just a bizarre, quirky plot. Some will appreciate it and some will probably hate it. I haven’t made up my mind yet :)
Tried the watch the new Munsters on Netflix. So bad the kids fell asleep and we turned it off.

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