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Great Movies That Others Might Enjoy, Or Ones To Avoid

Not a new one, and certainly not a 'cheery' one, but you could do worse than Reese Witherspoon in 'The Wild'. Rings a lot of bells for me, probably because I lost both my parents (particularly my Mom) too early. Worth a look.
Watched a pretty good one last night....'Jungle'

Daniel Radcliff stars as Yossi Ghinsburg, a guy who headed out into the Amazon jungle in 1981 with 2 friends and a sketchy guide with what you might call anticipated results. Definitely will hold your attention.

Available on Netflix.
Never even seen the previews for that one Boone.

I'm pretty jazzed to see ‘The Last Jedi'!
Watched an interesting movie last night...'Tale of Tales...'. Beautifully shot, based on some old Italian Fairy Tales and shot at a number of old Italian castles.

Couldn't find the thread about Movies you've seen that you cannot stop watching once you start thread...

I started watching Shawshank Redemption this morning, could...not...stop!
I'm like that with American Beauty and A Few Good Men.
I hate A Few Good Men- guess I'm alone there. The military stuff is just so overblown it's ridiculous to me. I guess ‘suspending disbelief' is key to enjoying a movie and I just can't with that one.... Shawshank is a top 10 forever, if only for ‘Get busy living. Or get busy dying.' Words to live by.

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Love American Beauty too but the wife gets mad at me for watching it :)

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Yeah, Shawshank isn't too "deep", but there are hidden metaphors for me throughout the movie.

Not a fan of American Beauty, but will take or leave A Few Good Men.

One I watched recently so I was able to stop yesterday was The Firm. I like those John Grisham movies, but can stop watching if I've seen one recently.
My must finish is Braveheart, it's long as hell too!
'Hostiles' is a good one. Just released on PPV, Amazon Prime, etc....Christian Bale plays a burned out frontier soldier tasked with delivering former foe and Native American Chief and his family to their former homelands. Intensely engrossing.

If you liked 'The Revenant', you'll really dig this one.

Great performance by both Bale and his female co-star Rosamund Pike make for a pretty amazing movie.

IMDb: Hostiles (26 January 2018 (USA))
In 1892, a legendary Army captain reluctantly agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family through dangerous territory.
Just watched 'Upgrade'. Pretty great little 2018 sci-fi/action flick about a guy who is in a auto accident in the future, wife is killed, and he's a quadraplegic. Experimental chip implanted in him... and you have to watch to see what happens next. On Cinemax currently.
I recently watched both 'Parasite' (Academy Award for 'Best Picture' winner) and last night, caught 'Ford v. Ferrari' on PPV. I really enjoyed both of them. Certainly no surprise that 'Parasite' was great... not too many Oscar 'Best Picture' winners that are not outstanding films.

'Ford v. Ferrari' is awesome. I have no interest in racing. I think the last racing-related movie I saw was 'Le Mans' with Steve Mcqueen back in the 60's with my Dad. But this one is a winner :) Christian Bale may have the reputation for being the biggest prick in Hollywood, but the guy is one of the best actors of his generation. He is absolutely amazing as Ken Miles, and Matt Damon also does an amazing job as Carroll Shelby. Really awesome flick.
I really enjoyed "1917". I saw it back in January, but I have been seeing it advertised onDemand and I have been remembering how much I liked it. It's hard to describe but the movie didn't have a slow beginning building up to some massive climax. It just kind of stayed at the same intriguing pace the whole movie. It wasn't too much and it wasn't really boring at any parts either. Maybe if I see it again I will think differently. But I thought it was a really good movie. I'm sure before too long it will be available on NetFlix or Amazon or some other subscription streaming service. Right now it looks like it's only available on RedBox and Amazon rentals.

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