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Great Movies That Others Might Enjoy, Or Ones To Avoid

with all the new ways that movies are being made and released now, going to a theater is now reserved for something special.
The Mrs. and I have never been much on going out to the movies. Maybe 10-12 times in 38+ years.
So yeah, it's gonna take a lot to us to go again.
Just watched 'Replicas' with Keanu Reeves and Thomas Middleditch. In this sci-fi flick, Reeves is doing cutting edge research to attempt to implant the memories of dead humans into a cyborg. While trying to perfect the process, his wife and 3 kids are killed in an car accident in which he is the only survivor.

Madcap hijinx ensue.

Requires suspension of belief, but this one is better than expected.
Not really a movie, but it is on NetFlix. The new Jerry Seinfeld comedy special "23 Hours to Kill" is hilarious. I know, real surprising a guy whose board name is a Seinfeld alias would be recommending a Seinfeld comedy special. But my wife and I laughed through the whole thing. Of course, I think she spent most of the time looking at me and laughing. I'm not going to ruin any of his jokes, but he does have a good bit on marriage that had us rolling. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Thanks Kel... I wasn't aware of this one and will definitely be checking it out :cheers: You are definitely a Master of your Domain.
Not necessarily 'new', but a couple I have recently found worth a look.

'The Witch'. If you are a fan of classic old scary time-period horror, this one is for you. A family in the 1630's gets banished from their community and has to move out into the wilderness. When their infant suddenly disappears, they realize something strange is going on and it seems to be coming from the deep, dark forest bordering their homestead. Really atmospheric.

'Brightburn'. This one isn't so much a really good movie as it is a unique idea. In a nutshell, the Superman legend only instead of pure and powerful goodness and light from an alien planet, think evil and darkness. Little Brandon Breyer has other worldly powers - and a major attitude problem. Madcap hijinks ensue :)

watched a movie on Netflix the other day called Homefront.

Jason Statham is a badass who moves to a small town.....you can guess the rest. It isn't groundbreaking or going to make you sit on the edge of your seat. But, its a good ol ass kicking movie.
Sounds like Rambo?
Pretty much. Rambo is an iconic movie, but it is in that genre for sure.
If you like Sci-Fi, you'll enjoy 'The Vast of Night' (it's currently available on Amazon)... it's a 50's era sci-fi flick (reminded me a bit of 'Super 8' for those that saw that one). Definitely worth your time.

I also watched 'Hidden Figures' last night, about 3 African American women who were involved in the Apollo space program. I really enjoyed it.
Probably one of my favorite underrated movies out there. The fact that Steve Vai plays ALL guitar just seals it for me.

**Spoiler** this is the end scene of the movie in case you haven't seen it.

Mortal kombat was really cool. Nothing to overthink but they did it right.

Godzilla vs Kong was really good, too. They did both of them really well and made it so children can enjoy it, too.
I am a sucker for these kinds of movies. Badasses, no real plot, revenge needed! Jason seems to be the man right now.

I kinda remember Boone talking about Bohemian Rhapsody a while back. Though I have yet to watch it I did run across this comparison video to the actual concert in 1985. Man that cast nailed mimicking the performance of Queen!

I kinda remember Boone talking about Bohemian Rhapsody a while back. Though I have yet to watch it I did run across this comparison video to the actual concert in 1985. Man that cast nailed mimicking the performance of Queen!

It's really good, mature at times but really good. You truly forget you're not watching Freddie...
Just watched Midsommar and it’s a strange movie for sure. The landscape and cinematography are fantastic, but man Europeans NOT named Knightingale are f’n weird. Good one to watch if you need a wtf was that all about moment. Like a new age ‘Wickerman’ really

I watched 'MIDSOMMAR' on your recommendation and it was really good imho. Definitely recommend for anyone who enjoys horror/suspense. It did remind me quite a bit of 'The Wicker Man' (and btw - if you haven't seen the original 1973 version you really haven't seen 'The Wicker Man'. The totally substandard Nicholas Cage remake pales in comparison).

I won't ruin 'MIDSOMMAR' with a lot of commentary but it is very well done.
Rocketman, Elton John's life story. For tackling such a difficult subject, recovery from alcoholism, it was a rather upbeat, fun themed movie.
Army of the Dead on Netflix.

Really cool zombie flick set in modern Vegas.

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