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Winter Weather Forecast/Thread, 2013-2014

That stuff is supposed to pass just north of us.

We're in a precipitation black hole. Everything goes around us :\
Stupid weather forecast, locals have been calling for snow going on 3 days now with nothin. Ain't nobody got time for dat falseness.
the stuff that was supposed to go north of us is now falling onto my car.

wtf weathermen.
Send it my way! We already have about a ft on the ground. After so many months of sand I'll gladly take some fluffy snowfall.
the storm that was supposed to completely miss us dropped 3 inches of snow and snowflakes the size of baseballs.

GJ weathermen. Asshats.
Yay it's finally snowing! Only 3 inches but still.

That's what she said
-60? In retrospect, perhaps I should be glad to have not gotten the promotion that would have necessitated a move to Minneapolis.
Here in Akron this evening the snow is supposed to start and the temp will keep dropping nonstop until Tuesday. We are expecting 4-8" of snow from this storm, there is already about 14" of snow on the ground at my house. The temp is currently 31, and is supposed to hit 36 this afternoon, then drop continuously till it hits around minus 15 on Tuesday morning. Wind chills are expected to be minus 30 to minus 40. That is ****ing cold my friends, and I use that term "friends" loosely :happy:
U.S. Severe Weather Alerts and Tornado Warnings | Weather Underground

I've never seen the map look like this before. Each county/city that is shaded in white or olive has some sort of winter weather advisory, watch, or warning. It could expand to more areas later this evening. The high temp for tomorrow here in the Memphis area is going to be in the low teens. Incredible.

Then again, these bitter cold waves were predicted a few weeks ago. A warm up is coming by mid week, but it won't last too long. Hey, it's winter. :)
It's 38 here today, ridiculous warm this time of year. Should be around 10 below.
Forecast for snow here tomorrow evening and Wed. A local TV station has a bread and milk report up. People here go nuts with snow forecast.
So...when does the Weather Channel start naming Polar Vortex's?
The high here yesterday was 35, for the next 14 days are so the highest high is supposed to be 20, and lows around 0 or the negatives. Gonna be a pretty cold stretch.
That long range forecast was quite good (pats self on back), but we still have February and March upcoming.

The cold is going to invade the mid south too - we're looking at a two week stretch of below normal temps. Quite a winter. Can't forget about the folks in California - they need rain in the worst way. That part of the forecast was wrong, but hopefully it changes soon.
Quick question, I don't know if you can answer it or not. This storm we've got coming in my area tomorrow night looks to me like it might pull in some bay effect snow for the VB/Norfolk area on the back end, but there's been no mention of it. But north winds up to 40 mph, and a lot of moisture in the air makes me think it's a no-brainer. Am I wrong in thinking this? It just makes me think VB and Norfolk might get a few inches in stead of the 1 inch they're forecasting for us.
I think you are in line for about two to three inches - possibly up to four in a few spots. The "lake effect" for the area could produce a little extra, but it would be concentrated more towards Knotts Island to Moyock. Even then, it would be mostly a dusting to a quarter inch extra.

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