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Winter Weather Forecast/Thread, 2013-2014

The chickens aren't working. Someone get a goat.

The way this winter...uh...umm...spring is going, we may need to sacrifice a virgin.

Quick! Someone find Dead Money!
video of the street collapse on 26th in B-More

Fire in a residential area of San Diego....1550 acres burned so far and only 25% contained. People have been allowed to go home though so it must be getting better.

But now there is one closer to my house that started this morning...they think a power line fell. With wind gusts up to 50MPH I am very worried about this.
two more fires have broken out now. one at Camp Pendleton and one in Carlsbad. man, this is getting bad quickly.
Well, 2 weeks ago we were forecast for 2-4 inches of rain over a couple days and ended up with 10...flooding was pretty severe and the local dam was stressed. Over the past week they have reduced water levels tremendously, but we are expecting another series of rain, forecast 2-4 inches. Woohoo!
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my house looking at the fire. Its only 5% contained and just growing. The brewery I used to work at is a 5 min drive from my house and they've been evacuated. I wish we had rain problems...instead we have an arson problem.
Opposite ends of the spectrum, huh? Stay safe.

If/when that dam bursts...which is any time it rains anymore... the folks that live at the bottom of our hill are doomed. They noticed a small fissure 2 weeks ago. They say it's fixed, but it's just a matter of time. They've been dropping water levels every year more and more to relieve stress on it. Last week the water levels in town were as high as ever recorded since the dam was built.

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