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Training Camp Tidbits

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Sorry, running late this AM guys.

From @Redskins:
"Word is that John Beck has changed to jersey No. 12 and Malcolm Kelly (former No. 12) is wearing No. 14 now."

"Coaching in action -- LB coach Lou Spanos is lining up across from Ryan Kerrigan, giving him instruction on play after snap." ---LOVE IT!

"KR Brandon Banks is not participating in Tuesday's practice, watching from the sidelines instead."

"Mike and Kyle Shanahan spending a lot of time working with wide receivers this a.m., along with WR coach Keenan McCardell."

From Rich Campbell:
"Mike Shanahan is getting hands-on with receivers during position drills. Don't always see him being so vocal."
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Patterson injury at Eagles camp seems heat-related. Went down in convulsions, hooked up to an IV and was carted off.

From Jeff McLane:
"Mike Patterson just went into convulsions."

"Some #Eagles DL are visibly upset."

"Patterson was hooked up to an IV and is still being transferred to the stretcher."

Crazy, because this is the 10-year anniversary of the Kory Stringer tragedy.
Annnnnd, here we go with Torain, already:

"RB Ryan Torain being looked at by athletic trainers. Is hunched over, grimacing."
Jarvis Jenkins continues to dominate:

"Another player who continues to impress: rookie DL Jarvis Jenkins. He burst through line to get in position to tackle on a run to the right."

"Jarvis Jenkins again...He fended off his blocker and got in position to tackle Keiland Williams on a run play up the middle."

via @Redskins

Can't wait to see this kid in preseason against a solid OL.
More @Redskins:

"It appears the Redskins' defense is putting an extra emphasis on stripping the ball away from offensive ball-carriers this practice."

"John Beck and Malcolm Kelly exchanged jersey numbers -- and now exchange the ball. Beck connected with wide open Kelly on deep pass for TD. Should note that John Beck's TD pass to Malcolm Kelly was slightly underthrown, but Kelly was so wide open he had time to adjust."

"With LaRon Landry still on PUP list due to Achilles injury, Chris Horton has been getting bulk of snaps at strong safety."
Right before Patterson was hauled off in an ambulance for what seems to be heat-related issues, DT Trevor Laws was carted off with a knee injury. This is sounding more and more like the Redskins, isn't it?
Grant Paulsen:

"For a third straight day, Jarvis Jenkins is putting on a clinic in the #Redskins one-on-one drills. He looks very strong. #Redskins"

Man, getting really excited about this kid.
Kerrigan still not participating in team drills. No need to rush the rook.
Grant Paulsen:
"Kyle Shanahan confirmed that the QB competition is wide open. Says that John Beck had a tired arm yesterday but felt better today."

"Kyle Shanahan called Roy Helu a ''home run threat." Said his speed allows him to score TDs when he given a crease and hole."
Mr. Glass!

John Keim
"Shanahan said torain will need x rays on his hand."

Grant Paulsen
"Shanahan says Ryan Torain banged his hand and will probably have xrays today. Said Brandon Banks had swelling in his knee."
Well, no repeat of Kory Stringer thankfully.

"Full update on Mike Patterson. He's stable and in good spirits following a seizure during the morning practice. http://bit.ly/qCyet7"
Man. Anyone still wondering why we got Hightower?
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Sounds like John Beck didn't have to negotiate with Malcolm Kelly for jersey No. 12. Beck says Kelly was happy to give up No. 12.

because Kelly knows he probably wont be on the team this season.

If Kelly stays healthy, he'll make the team easily. That's a big IF though.
After the last couple of years why would Kelly want to keep #12?

Seems both players could use better luck with new numbers.

Glad that Beck changed from #3. Can't get the image of Jeff George out of my mind.
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Ryan O'Halloran

Five quickies from #Redskins AM:1. Went 2 1/2 hrs and took advantage of cooler weather to run higher tempo 11v11 with Kyle on radio to Beck.

2. Banks didn't practice (knee) as precaution and Torain dinged his hand during session and didn't return. Headed for an X-Ray.

3. Shanahan said Beck and Grossman will see time with the first team offense when Rex is allowed to work.

4. Still no Sav Rocca, stuck in Australia because of visa issues. Shanahan hopes to have him here by Monday.

5. Shanahan has "idea" of when pads will be donned for first time but wouldn't provide a day.
Last year Kelly would have made the active roster easily if healthy.

This year the club has brought in three players in Stallworth, Hankerson and Paul that have size at WR and all three have better down the field speed.

Don't think the stretch the field capability is not important.

With Moss and Gaffney on the team Washington does not need to hang onto Kelly as a possession receiver.
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You guys are kidding yourselves if you think Kelly isn't a lock to make the roster, *IF* he can stay healthy. Kyle loves him, and he's by far the most athletic WR we have on the roster. He's also got the best hands.

So far so good for him - I'm really pulling for the kid to prove you all wrong.
Personally I have not seen enough of Kelly on the field to make the blanket statement you just did that he has the best hands on the team and he is the most athletic as well.

I have never seen Hankerson, Paul or Robinson in uniform. I have not seen what Stallworth has left in the tank.

I want to see players earn their accolades.
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