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Official Game Thread: Redskins @ Giants


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Jun 30, 2009
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All kids, here it is. Your official place to cheer or vent as the Skins go into NY to play Eli and the men of Big Blue. For the last few years, this has a been a horror show for our boys but Donovan has owned NY (granted, it was as an Eagle) so who knows what will happen?

I could be epic-ally wrong, but just have a feeling today.

Redskins go 'Costanza'. Do the 'exact opposite' and pull off an unlikely road win. Proclaim 'I'm back baby!'.

Don't know why I'm feeling it - maybe McNabb finally plays a dazzling game. It might take something like that or an amazing defensive performance with D. Hall picking another 4 passes.

Hoping it's not like that day 4 or 5 years ago when I watched from the sidelines as the G-men thrashed us 33-0 or something close to that :(
I can't really add anything because of how awful this is.... I just wanted to make my presence known.

This is looking like a more gentle philly beat down.

There is zero intensity.
has the team laid down on this coaching staff?

blow this eff'ing team up and start over from scratch!!!!!!!
I'm just waiting for Devin Thomas to score.
Sad really. Either not enough talent or they just don't care

I'm soooooooooooo glad I gave up my season tickets
Eli with the pitch and duck interception. I never tire of watching him do that.
We are not dead yet guys. Little reason for any hope. But the patient still has a faint pulse.
You're right Boone.

However, I'm certain that Shanahan has suffered some sort of brain damage.

What else explains platooning Williams and Heyer?

Brain damage.
Just watching this train-wreck of a team is enough to give any of us brain damage. And Shanahan has to do it every single day :)
I'm going outside in my thong and catch hypothermia. It's gotta be more fun than watching this
Pics or it didn't happen, Sarge.

Wait, nevermind. Scratch that. My mind's eye is suffering too much already today.

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