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Birth of a Beer...

You thirsty or something Fear? :)
You thirsty or something Fear? :)

I deleted it because I thought it might have a dumb question.
Wondering if you purchased beer at the store that was chilled, then brought it home and did not refrigerate it, and it went to room temperature, and then you chill it again, whether you lose quality of the beer, by switching back and forth from cold, to lukewarm, and back to cold.
I doubt it would make much difference. Temp swings during the brewing process can make a huge difference and produce off flavors. I'm guessing though, if you put a blindfold on, and had people taste beers side by side, they wouldn't be able to tell a difference.
Posted this awhile back on our other site and thought there might be a few here interested in homebrewing. I've taken a little break from the batch described below, but am going to brew 2 batches this weekend, a brown ale with some chocolate overtones and a british bitter.

Can you do this, Boone ?

Recently saw an ad for an IPA made with Lucky Charms cereal and got me to thinking. I make a couple batches of beer every year for our late July beach trip. Going to do two cereal-infused beers for this year's vacation. Thinking the first one will be a milk stout using either Cocoa Puffs or Count Chockula cereal. 2nd beer is going to be a cream ale flavored with Captain Crunch.

Excited to see how these turn out :)
With our census low, I'm only working half days this week. So it's a perfect time to start brewing some brews for beach week 2020. First beer I'll be making (all grain method) will be an Irish Red. Going to make a 'starter' tonight. That's where you dump your yeast into a sterile mix of wort and let the yeast double or triple it's population overnight. This helps ensure that when you add the mix to your large batch of wort (unfermented beer) that the fermentation process is fast and furious which results in better fermentation and a better overall beer.
Irish Red in the primary. Tomorrow, will brew Tasmanian Devil IPA loaded with Aussie hops ('Galaxy').
You are going to force me to brew...
All 3 in primary now. Back left is the Irish Red, front left is the Aussie IPA, and front right is an American wheat lemon shandy (brewed yesterday).

Bob - tried something different this time. I used canned wort to make all my starters. It's sooo convenient. Recommend.
Bob - tried something different this time. I used canned wort to make all my starters. It's sooo convenient. Recommend.

So Liquid Malt Extract?
So Liquid Malt Extract?

Interesting. First time I've seen this but it looks good to me. I'm forever fighting boil-over on the stove when I make a starter and this totally fixes that.
So convenient and seems to be perfect concentrate as all 4 starters I’ve done immediately took off and beers have fermented furiously.
I spent about 4 hours yesterday bottling about 15 gallons of beer. I miss kegging although bottles do make it easier to share your end product. I had a funny moment yesterday as I went to taste one of the beers while bottling using a red solo cup that was sitting on the counter. As soon as the beer hit my mouth I was horrified as it tasted awful and for a moment I feared I had neglected to throw out a cup I had used to clean up the cat's litter box earlier! Turns out, I had put the beer in a cup that had 'Star San', an equipment sanitizer. It tasted horrible but at least I wasn't tasting my cat's output :)

Every year for my beach beers, I do a label/placard for them. Here is what I came up with this year.



tasmanian devil.png
The labels look awesome, John. Color me very jealous.
After action report:
Irish Red was solid.
Lemon Shandy was the big hit - very light and lemony, just a very nice summer brew.
Aussie IPA was 'meh' - kind of an overwhelming fruitiness that I'm not fond of. Disappointing.
The Shandy, I presume?

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