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Random Commanders Thoughts

Chris, Rivera is going to be nonchalant about the future because he knows that 2023 is likely to be his last season in Washington unless Same Howell blows up and takes Washington to a 10 win season and the playoffs at age 24.
I have no idea who those guys are. But, good to see teams supporting each other.
Butler and Holmes have some talent to play in the NFL. St. Juste seems to be on the verge of emerging as a 16 game starter.

It's nice to see as Washington has spent a lot of middle round picks on safety and cornerback over the past several years and that's usually where most teams find solid starters at SS, FS and corner.

What we are lacking is the true #1 corner that can shut down one side of the field the way Stephon Gilmore or Patrick Peterson did over the past 10 years.

Perhaps we can snag that player in Round 1 this year.
No, Lance looks far down the road to busting. Chase has had at least one good year.
I'm not sure why anyone would give up a day 2 pick for Trey Lance? Has the guy done anything? I would love to trade Young, but not for a guy who looks like as much a busted pick as Chase may be...
Yep, not unlikely. The trouble is when you spend 4 first round draft choices on one unit, under the cap you can't afford to pay ALL of them to stay on a second contract for megabucks.

Good GMs around the league recognize this and spread the wealth with draft picks so that they don't end up with 4 stellar cornerbacks and safeties and no offensive linemen of any caliber to protect the quarterback.

This is one reason I really don't like free agency in football. From a fan perspective the game has been watered down because you can't build a real super team using your own resources and front office acumen.

As a team game with 22 starting players, the coordination and cohesion we saw in the Gibbs teams and Walsh teams of the 1980's and Dallas teams in the early 1990's isn't really possible any longer.

So, you make some great draft picks and hit on some super players and then end up having to lose one or two of them to a mess of a team like the Cardinals or Texans who can't draft their own stars.

Free agency in baseball or basketball is a different animal. Roster transitions in those sports operationally are such that a spring training or preseason can be enough to integrate a new star pitcher or big bat in MLB or a top star in the NBA.
Fair. Totally fair.

Back in the days of Martin Brodeur, my brother was a huge Devil's fan. I have to think he is smiling about current events.
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Pack your shit dumbass.
And just like that, I'm adjusting my mock draft.


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