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Random Commanders Thoughts

I actually kind of have an issue with this call-out.

As an organization, the Commanders have moved on (at least as far as anyone can tell). The people responsible for the things called out in this Tweet are gone with the exception of the owner, who is in the process of getting out. The organization is NOT blocking the release of investigative findings - that is the owner and the league.
Mostly true Neo, but Jason Wright and others including Tanya Snyder have consistently minimized what went on previously including Wright joking about ‘Ghosts of Christmases past..’ the implication being that fans need to get over it because you know, none of that was his fault. And while Snyder is on the way out, he’s not out yet and he’s done everything he could to muzzle the voices of these abused women, including engaging PI’s to make veiled threats and other despicable actions.

I do get what you are saying… there are folks who are just waiting to pounce on anything the team or their social media folks put out which isn’t always necessary. Once the Snyder’s are gone, maybe we can get back to the normal levels of snark and vitriol, lol…
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From our vantage point I get your point. The issue is, until the Snyder’s are gone and the findings of the investigations are published, this is going to be the sentiment of the women involved

They’d be better off avoiding the topic until then imho.
I understand where they are coming from. Truly.

They need to understand who has control of what though. At this point, the team is not the entity blocking them, and continuing to bang on the org makes them look uninformed.
I don’t know, dude, arguing that the two co-owners responsible for all this bullshit aren’t part of the organization is a pretty big stretch.

I would argue that anyone associated with the NFL making any kind of pro women statements is pretty ballsy.
At this point the Snyder’s are still the organization. Slapping a pretty new coat of paint on a house, in a transparent attempt to hide or erase it’s crumbling foundation, doesn’t correct or eliminate the underlying problem.

Does it suck for those who had nothing to do with the past? Clearly.

Is it unfair to the brand? Not even a little bit.
I get Bob’s point in that lashing out at social media reps probably doesn’t accomplish much and is more about making the person doing it feel righteous. But I’ve said along, part of good PR and Marketing success is knowing your audience and there has never been a more tone deaf organization - especially in recent years - than this one on that front!
Man - talk about a fall from grace. Guy was highly regarded 3 seasons ago and may not ever be a starter again.
It’s really hard to fathom how the team can be so good at college talent evaluation and so poor at professional talent evaluation.
Well... clearly it's because we lack professionals on the eval staff.
The way this went down....

..... I wonder if 'talent' wasn't the defining cause of the fall.
So basically Pittsburgh traded 2.77m for 12m in cap space?

Can't lie; I'm pretty happy with our moves so far. Some depth on D, some good pick ups on the OL.

If the draft is OL heavy I'll be very happy!
I have never previously desired to see Washington on Hard Knocks but I think I do this year.

Rodgers with the Jets will probably be the choice though.
They were being really negative about Chase Young on 106.7 while I was in the car. Is there any news or were they just pot stirring?
They were being really negative about Chase Young on 106.7 while I was in the car. Is there any news or were they just pot stirring?

No news. It’s probably something to talk about after Payne’s new deal. I assume that most think that it’s ultimately going to come down to Young OR Sweat soon.

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