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Random Commanders Thoughts

Id be opposed to Brady or Rodgers, or even Carr at this point. We need to grow our own. Start Howell and go from there.
That too. That mostly.

Especially since while I can buy we are a good QB away from being a good team I don't think we're a good QB away from a Super Bowl team. Rogers or Brady are on a year to year watch. You can't build with either.
Letting Trent Williams walk was the dumbest thing we have done in the past 20 years.
Odd timing for this post. He just made one of the dumbest and most classless plays of his career.
Nope, perfect timing. They were ganging up on his teammates when they game was already over, and he let them know it will not be tolerated. He's about the only one out there with any heart left.
They weren't ganging up on anyone. It was a typical football scrum where they were mostly dancing. He wasn't sticking up for anyone. He needlessly threw down a defender when he was getting blown out. It was extremely classless.
Welp, we see things differently. They were pushing them around after they had already won the game and wouldn't stop. He put a stop to it. I salute the man who stands up for his teammates even when the game is already over.
It's hard to say. Williams wanted out. He did some ugly things to get out. Then again, Bruce Allen was infamous at creating bad blood and trying to make fans hate their own.

When Williams went I wasn't upset that he left. The helmet thing irritated me. The fact that he kept wearing down and getting injured at the end of every season was getting old. I did think the medical misdiagnosis and the cancer scare was unforgivable.
Perine is also still performing be very well still. Our front office has a really bad habit of letting people go and seeing them stay relevant for years to come.
‘Our front office’ doesn’t exist. It’s changed every season for a decade. Who exactly are you blaming for whatever you have a problem with because chances are they are long gone?
We can start with Snyder. His incompetence fostered and allowed it.
I actually was ok with what Trent did. It felt like to me that the Eagles were starting to be jerks. At least it seemed the thing that started the whole scrum came from an Eagles guy going after a 49er after the whistle blew. And it's not like Trent went in immediately to throw the guy to the ground. It seemed to be going on forever and they wouldn't back off.
Trent Williams needed to move on. It was a mutual best interest. The problem was Bruce Allen held onto him for a year and refused good offers for him in trade.

Trent was 33 years old and ended up signing a $125M contract with San Francisco.

He's now 35 and still due a lot of money.

You can alibi that move when you have a team that goes to the NFC Championship Game two years in a row and three out of four.

For a team coming off a year where it earned the #2 overall pick in 2019, what we could have used was the draft pick compensation from a Williams trade.

But Williams himself? A 33 year old tackle isn't going to help a team without a quarterback.
He's still the best LT in the game and it's not even close.
He's still the best LT in the game and it's not even close.
True. But we've more or less had the same record with him as without him. In fact, we probably have had a better record since he's left.
True. But we've more or less had the same record with him as without him. In fact, we probably have had a better record since he's left.
If Taylor or Howell had even one lineman to set the tone and block for more than 3 seconds it could make all the difference. Trent was a legacy redskin and they let him go because of their own arrogance and stupidity
... and negligence.

Really, I don't blame Rivera on this one though. He was the new guy coming in and was left with all the bad blood and mess Bruce left behind. All Rivera wanted was for Trent to show up. Trent wanted out. Not sure if Rivera could have salvaged the relationship. Not sure how much it would have helped this team if he had.
That I agree with. Ron is not to blame for that one. He has plenty of ones he is to blame for to not hold that bag.
Trent Williams?

Just remember,when the team had a chance to make a run to the playoffs he chose weed over the team.

Dude is all about himself,nothing more
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