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Good Morning!


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Aug 1, 2009
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I have been instigating many lately on the various internet social groups I frequent. I wanted to start this day on a different note here on one of my favorite social networks and would like to wish you all a wonderful day!

Good morning to you all!
Good morning to you, my friend. This was a pleasant introduction to the day and one for which I extend to you a grateful thank you, Elephant. May your day turn out even better than you had hoped. This wish extends to everyone who is part of this community of fervent Redskin fans-and all others as well. :)
Why good mornin'

And in the spirit of the most recetn St Paddy's day, I'll leave everyone with this

May you have:
A world of wishes at your command.
God and his angels close to hand.
Friends and family their love impart,
and Irish blessings in your heart!
And top o' the morning to you as well, sir! Nice way to start the morning, thank you!
Good morning, everyone. Have an extra cup of coffee on me. Or I give you permission to take the day off.
Well, it's Friday morning, I have been waking up around 4:30 or 5:00 all week (normally 8 or 9 since I work whacky hours) and I have just a little more demolition to do on the house before I put it back together. Take this day to remember if you believe or not Jesus died for you.
Good morning everyone! Have a great day and remember, the Redskins have a franchise QB now!
good morning bro, I like this idea for a thread. maybe we can say what we're thankful for and send positive energy out. (damn, sorry for being a hippie)

I'm grateful that I finally got a stereo back in my truck. Im grateful that one of the directors here wrote my boss and me an email saying thank you for all my hard work. And Im grateful that my son has pulled his grades up to very respectable levels.

I'm in 100% agreement with ya here, Mike-this is a really nice thread idea-kudos again Elephant. One thing I've learned-took me probably too many years but I'm glad I finally did-is that finding things to be grateful for does wonders for my outlook and sense of well-being, and having a chance to express it to friends I've made online is just too good an opportunity to pass up.

New radio for the truck? Cool. Being grateful for small stuff, to me at least, sometimes works even better because there's almost always something good that's happening-if you keep an eye out for it. Your son's doing better in school? Way cool. As for me, right now, I'm grateful to have a nice place to live, my needs met and to be relatively free of worries and stress.

Also for the steaks I decided to get for dinner tonight. Yum!

Thanks again, El. Y'know-this thread, IMO should be sticky.

Oh, I almost forgot-good morning to all my fellow Skins fans here at BGO. :)
The Skins have a franchise QB??? Did I take the red pill???
Mike, I like that idea too. Serv, thank you for participating. I enjoy a good word, especially since Mike and I get pretty ornery sometimes. I gotta say I like the big cahoot!

Today I am grateful that the brick wall I exposed in my new house looks fantastic!. It is taking me a lot of man hours to clean and prep, but it is looking great!


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Wow, that's cool lookin'.

Gonna blast it or leave it the way it is?
Today I am grateful just to be alive.

I didnt sleep for crap, my throat has a tickle in it and I think I am going to catch a cold right before I have a party where I invite a girl that I have liked for a LONG time.

But I am alive, I am healthy, my family is all good and Im employed. Life is good..

And you've got a bitchin' avatar.
Something to be grateful for on April 8, 2010-on this date in 1766, the first fire escape was patented-a wicker basket on a pulley and chain.

Mike, I love the avatar-it's eloquently primitive. (Probably the first time I've been able to put those two words together in a sentence.LOL!). I hope everybody at BGO is having a good day. :)
Wow, that's cool lookin'.

Gonna blast it or leave it the way it is?

Just talked to a Mason tonight to see what I should do. He said, "leave it alone!" I was gonna tuck point it. All I have to do now is clean it with sure-clean and wipe a new sealant on the wall. I was extremely grateful to hear that, it saved me a lot of money. So far I am running about 30% below our budget and I think you all know how grateful I must be for that.

I could tell it was a nice focus of my new master suite when he was looking at it, he had that look of satisfaction to see such good work. The wall was put up in 1881.
Are you guys going to waste a beautiful spring morning being outside or do something useful like sitting in front of a computer screen? :mad:

BTW Good morning to everyone:)
It is a good morning! The rain last night washed away all the freakin' pollen. So can at least breathe today.

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