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Birth of a Beer...

So, for a guy like me, who's beginning to flirt with the idea, would it be best to order one of the less expensive starter kits online and try a one night stand?

If so, any recommendations?
Didn't get chance to brew anything for Super Bowl. The St. George's Brewery is about 1/2 mile from my house. Will go there and get some IPA for Sunday.

St. George's also hosts a group of homebrewers.
what kind of beer are you looking to make?
Not really sure. Never had enough money to be too picky when I drank more. Through the years I've been pretty plain with my choices. Bud Lite, Miller Lite, Corona Lite, is what I do most now. Only tried a few dark beers, and never liked any. When I would splurge, it would be Molson, Beck's, Moosehead. Don't know a malt from a pilsner.

I guess, something as close to my listed likes as possible.

Maybe you could recommend a couple bottled brands to point me in another direction. Something available in Fredneck, MD.
first safe beer i would try that is really a hoppy beer but considered a pale would be sierra nevada pale ale. green label...standard amongst anyone who drinks craft beer.

id try yuengling (sp) and thats a good pils.
You'll need to educate me brother.

Are the beers I mentioned "hoppy" bears?

Is there a starter kit you know of that let's you select the type you get with the initial order?

I have been told about yingyangs (sp) before, so I might have to try one. But I don't take pils anymore. :)
If you want to try making your own, go to www.northernbrewer.com and order an extract kit. You can make great beer on your stovetop. There's a little investment in equipment starting out but you can use plastic buckets and set up won't cost much.

I would recommend either going the Northerbrewer route that Boone suggested or looking around your local area for a home brew supply shop. Looks to me like you have one in the area call The Flying Barrel. While having a local place certainly isn't necessary, my local place has been a huge help in my brewing adventures.

You probably want to start with an Ale. Most of what you listed as stuff you drink are lagers but those will require the ability to control the temperature of things more as it is fermenting. I would probably look at doing a Pale Ale of some sort. Bass is pretty much the prototypical pale ale. Sierra Nevada makes a great American pale ale that is available almost anywhere now.
Thank you, Mike, Boone, and Neo.

While I'm sure it is a better set up, the beginners kit on the northernbrewer site looked a little more involved than the smaller 2gl set up on www.mrbeer.com.

With that one I thought, if I found home brewing wasn't my cup of tea, I'd at least have a spectacular looking plastic keg to save pennies in. :new_idea:

Sounds like you guys use actual grains and hops, verses an extract for your wort. I'm sure that opens many more avenues.

But, like I said, I'm just flirtin' right now. Possibly a one night stand. Not looking to marry the little wench.

Any and all of your input is greatly appreciated.
I actually still do 3 recipes that are extract brews. Makes damn good beer and it is faster than a full all grain mash. One of them (the very first beer I ever made, in fact) uses a hopped extract and I can do a 5 gallon batch in about 30 minutes in my kitchen.
Designing a Mint Chocolate Stout to maybe brew this weekend. I mean, the weather is going to be so nice and all...
Brewing a German Märzen tomorrow...
Neo may be the only one to appreciate this, but the new Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale is awesome. I love it! However the new Shiner Spring Brew Dortmunder....Blech.
Shiner is brewing an ale! Wow. I'll have to give it a go.
Almost a year now without brewing. I'm a lost soul...
Dude... you need to fix that. You bare a great deal of the responsibility for getting both me and Bishop into this (he and I are brewing together tomorrow, he is doing a Chicory black lager) so you can't just stop. :)
Shiner is brewing an ale! Wow. I'll have to give it a go.

I'm surprised this is Tue first you're hearing of it, they're advertising it big time down here.
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This was taken today in Bishop's garage (he posts over at The Noosphere for those of you who can't place the name) after we finished brewing. This me with the "beer fridge". Bet you wish you had one of these, huh? ;)

The carboy on the top shelf has his Dixie Chicory Black lager in it and the carboy on the bottom is my Märzen. We will let those ferment for the next couple of weeks then transfer to a secondary for lagering. I'll leave the Märzen there to lager most of the summer and bottle in late August or early September so it is ready to drink in that all important Oktoberfest time frame.


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Wow - very nice :cheers: I haven't done a lager in a couple years although I'm all set up for one. I may have to get off my ass and get back to it. How cool to have a great friend to brew with...has to add to the fun of it.
This is my first lager. In 3 and half years of brewing all I have done are ales to this point.

And yeah, pretty cool to be able to get together and brew, although we haven't done it in over a year despite only being 25 minutes apart. We spent a good bit of time yesterday trying to figure out how do a road trip to your neck of the woods for a brewing intervention. ;)
That's it! That's what she got me! Good God it was horrible. I think you have defiled this thread by posting that in here...

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