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2011 NBA Thread


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Mar 30, 2010
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New thread here for all things NBA. Who ya got?

Living in Orlando for 19 years now, I'm a Magic fan.
You think the Magic can or will make a play for Nash? They've been looking good since the trade, but Nash would bring it home.
They have no interest in Nash. Although I love him as a player. They have 4 PG's on the roster right now.
Fair enough.

Celtics fan here. From way back, I swear. Why do I feel the need to put that disclaimer in? Also rooted for the Jazz 15 years ago, because I loved John Stockton. That man could play PG.
Both of those are great teams. Love the coach of the Jazz, and that team is a blast to watch. Also neighbors with the coach of the Celtics, but not a huge fan--as they are always competing with Orlando.
Neighbors with Doc? Nice. They're looking good, Miami has kicked it into gear. You think Orlando can outdo either of them for the East?
I do, but I'm biased. I believe either Orlando or Boston can take down Miami this year. Next year? Not so sure.

But I believe we will be meeting in the finals to see who represents the east.
I think Boston can, and Orlando might be able to, but they're gonna have to come together after the trade. Reintegrating Turkoglu won't be that difficult, I wouldn't think. But JRich might take some time.

Boston depends on health. KG looking like the KG from three years ago, that's dangerous, tough to match up with. I could see the Celts making a run, but if KG gets hurt, they're done. He's the one guy they can't live without, imo.

Who ya got in the West?
Well, the Spurs look great. But it's hard to go against the Lakers. Those seem like the two best choices to me.

I fear Duncan is getting a little too old, and I'm not confident that he can last through entire playoff series.

I also like Phoenix. I like watching them play. But I doubt they can beat either LA or SA.
Phoenix is done. Nice story, but no chance IF they make the playoffs. Spurs look good, Duncan is turning the team over to Ginobli, ala Robinson to Duncan. If he can be happy with 32 minutes a night, they will have a chance. Who on the Lakers can defend him, even now? Spurs always have a big winning streak, this year a little earlier than usual. They will cool off, but still be good for playoffs, injuries aside.
That's about the same way I feel. I like Pietrus on Phoenix. If developed correctly, I believe he can be the next great player.
An amazing game tonight in Oklahoma City.

That Thunder team looks like they are for real. Extremely impressive.
I am a craptor fan, so I pretty much hate basketball right now.

Wow, that's brutal. Always stay true, but a second team to pull for isn't a bad idea in your case.

I would start watching OKC. Fantastic, young team. I'm looking today to see what the odds are on them going all the way. If they are high enough, I will place a small bet on them. I believe they have a shot to make a run here.
Yeah I do love Durant, I was almost a Lebron fan for a while, I was a 6-4 point guard in high school before I got even fatter and moved to PF in college so I always loved guys who didnt fit the so called ideal mold. I havent been serious about the nba for about 4 seasons now, I watch once in a while. It just got to be too "street" for a while, no real jumpshooters or actual skilled players just huge guys trying to outdunk eachother all the time and no defence. My friends have been telling me its been going the other way now with more and more "players" who have actual skills.

you know what really bugs me about how toronto is treated? Bosh is a douchebag, we put up with his learning curve, his aversion to physical play and defence and now he makes huge coin in miami where he doesnt fit anyway lol VC was never anything more than a great 6th man who could dunk and score but couldnt d up my gramma or make shots in the clutch and Mcgrady could have been something special if he would have just played ball. yet all of our best guys stick around to drive up their value then jump ship. whats really sad is my favourite raptors team was the earliest one. bah

Maybe I'll start following OKC, I like teams that pound it inside but have enough skill to move the ball around. TO is too much finesse but not with skill.
Ryman, you will love OKC.

Not only Durant, but the entire team represents basically everything we are looking for out of the Redskins--10 guys under the age of 24. And not just young players, but young stars.

They can put up the points. Last night they hung 125 points against a very good defensive team. You won't be bored.

There are no head cases either. No rapists or divas. Just a good, honest team.

And they come from a small market. Which is nice if you like underdogs.

They really are great to watch. Extremely fast too. I believe they have a legit shot to make the Finals this year.
Orlando at Boston tonight......let's get it on.
Which is the real Superman? Shaq or Howard?

Dwight. Shaq and KG are both questionable to play tonight. But I expect both will try their hardest to get on the court.

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