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Thank God I don't associate with any Eagles fans. Whew. That was awful last night. Good God. I know everyone hates fantasy stories, so I will keep this under 10 seconds of reading time:

Up 63 points with no one playing going into the game. Lost to Vick and DJax. Ouch.

Our "defense" (for you, BB) looked completely lost. Missing tackles, out of position, not seeming prepared at all to account for Vick.


And yet I can't help but think this morning, as I try to repress that terrible loss, that we witnessed something historic last night. It sucks that we witnessed it against our team, to be sure. But it was historic, wasn't it?

333 Passing Yards, 4 Passing TDs, 80 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TDs, NO picks?


Let me repeat. Wow.

I have followed Vick since his days at Tech. My best friend went to Tech, I went to the best school in the state (JMU for the uninitiated). I remember the JMU-Tech game where Vick dropped 49 on us. I went with my friend to New Orleans to watch the Sugar Bowl on the 50 yard line (awesome lap danc... er, scene, by the way).

Last night was better than all of those. Combined. He was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. True, the Skins D made him look like he was playing against college teams. But I challenge you to name me one team in the NFL that could have held him under 40 last night. I'm not seeing it. I sincerely doubt there is a team that could have held him under 50.

The Steelers? Just got decimated by Tom Brady and his merry midget WR corps. Giants? Uh, based on Dallas's ass-whupping handed out, no. Patriots? Didn't they just get buried by the Browns two weeks ago? Ravens? Roddy White lit them up like a stickum-wearing-Clifford-Franklin.

Who else ya got?

The only team I could see at all might possibly be the Colts, because they have so much side-to-side speed. But Vick tore through them last week before taking his foot off the gas.

Look, I'm not saying we should be happy. We're Skins fans. We're not ever happy, at least not that I can remember.

I'm just saying to keep this in perspective. That. Was. Awesome last night. Awesome. Seriously, whether you like Vick or not (I don't anymore - love my dog, Henry though [side note: I'm not talking to Henry here on BGO, Henry is the name of my dog - sorry Henry <see there, I was talking to Henry the perso... nevermind.>]) you have to admit we watched history. That game performance may be something you tell your kids about someday.

But if you feel the need to leave out the fact that Vick did it against the Skins, I would forgive you.
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