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The Waiting the hardest part. No, not that waiting. Preseason starts in a month, training camp in a couple of weeks, we can make it, guys! Not that much longer, really. Once training camp hits, we will have man-crushes to discuss, debates over position depth, and many, many more things.

Nope, I'm talking about the phone call from my dad. You see, Dad grew up a Celtics, Yankees and Redskins fan (which of these three doesn't belong?). The leagues were all much smaller then than they are now, and the big draws would get what little TV time there was. Hence the Celtics and Yankees. As for the Skins? A paltry 3 hours up the road from Newport News meant Dad was rooting for our team.

Dad has seen a lot. He was a little too young to enjoy the Sammy Baugh era, which meant he got the Eddie LeBaron/Ralph Guglielmi pupu platter to grow up on. He enjoyed the Sonny/Billy/Joey T years, and adores Theismann, Williams and Rypien as much as the rest of us do. But as with most Skins fan, Dad will tell you that Gibbs was more responsible for our three rings than the QB.

I remember the Williams SB well, and the Rypien SB even better. Sadly, I also remember the steaming piles of crap we've had since Rypien. One potential savior after another.

I tend to be optimistic by nature. Dad tends to be realistic, having seen a lot. So each time I would get excited about Gus Frerotte, or Patrick Ramsey, Dad would temper my expectations, and tell me something along the lines of, "yeah, he looks good now, but it's one game, let's give it some time." Sage advice. Particularly when we are discussing Jason Campbell and Donovan McNabb.

But you know what else I remember? 5 years ago, I remember him buying into the Big Three of Boston, with KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. I remember getting an excited phone call that, "these guys look really good, I think they can get something done here". Turns out he was right.

That's what I'm waiting for now. I want that phone call after RG3 pulls out a 4th Q comeback, or completely dominates a division rival, or wins a big playoff game, or whatever it takes to get my dad to call me and say, "ya know what, I think this kid has 'it', I think we got something here".

It may take a couple of months, maybe a couple of years, but I have confidence I will be getting that call.

Anytime, Dad. You know the number.
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As we enjoy today's conversations, let's remember our dear friends 'Docsandy', Sandy Zier-Teitler, and 'Posse Lover', Michael Huffman, who would dearly love to be here with us today! We love and miss you guys ❤

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