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It's Only 4 Games's only four's only four's only four games...

If I keep repeating that to myself, I will gain some sort of perspective, right? Calm myself down a little? I's only four games. Right? RIGHT?

Allow me a moment to gush, if I may. Damn. I mean, DAMN, this kid looks great! Considering our opponent last Sunday, I thought back to their QB's rookie season, and remembered how promising Josh Freeman looked. He started about halfway through the season, put up decent numbers for a rookie, but showed flashes every now and again that he really was something special. He built on that his second year and looked really promising - sure, he still had some bad games, but all in all he looked like he might break through the upper echelon on QBs the following year.

Oops. Maybe not. Now he is back to his rookie form where he flashes brilliance, but far too often plays at a mediocre level. The Bucs may well have a difficult decision in the next year or two.

Now, contrast that with Griff. It's only four games, but I would argue we have seen sustained brilliant play with a few flashes of mediocrity. There was the interception against the Rams, and also against St Louis he looked rattled once or twice, and, umm... well... I'm struggling here.

Let's go through a quick checklist of things you would ideally like to see in your young franchise QB:

Poise - check
Arm Strength - Yessir
Deep Ball Accuracy - Hells yeah
Command and Respect of the Team - Definitely
Touch on the Ball - No question
Ability to Limit Turnovers - Ummm, yeah. (As a side note, Rex is confused right now. Apparently he thought it was in the rules that a QB had to throw a ball up for grabs twice a game. The other team didn't have to intercept it, mind you. Just throw it up and see what happens - makes the game more fun!)
Ability to Lead a Gamewinning Drive - Check
Ability to Lead a Gamewinning Drive on the Road - Well, sure!
Ability to Lead a Gamewinning Drive on the Road while he has no Communication with the OC - Now we're just being greedy. But yes, check

Feel free to add your own checklists!

When is the last time an athlete was BETTER than advertised? LeBron maybe? It's way too early to put him in the same breath as LeBron (don't know if you are aware, but it's only been 4 games), but an athelete this hyped (commercials, high draft status, etc) who not only lived up to the expectations but exceeded them? Pretty rarified air there, methinks.

So enjoy this Skins fans. There are NO expectations this year. Sure, it'd be nice to sneak into the playoffs, or even contend for the division crown. But those things will come. Oh, they will most definitely come. This kid is for real, take a moment and let his greatness wash over you this weekend. Because, after only 4 games, he is the best rookie QB I have seen.

Mainly because he doesn't look like a rookie.

It's only four games, it's only four games, it's only four games...

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