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  1. The Bombshell.

    You guys, and ladies, are great. I can't believe you still expend any energy watching this shitshow. The talent gap between them and the rest of the league would take about 8 years to close. And Dan Snyder? He's literally the biggest pos loser in all of sports.
  2. The Bombshell.

    Larry Michael's wife too.
  3. The Bombshell.

    Owning a team has proven to be the closest thing to guaranteed riches that currently exists in the sports world today. I'm sure that little jerkoff is going to scramble to do everything in his power to keep it within the family. Pass it to his kids, etc. Obviously, we don't want anyone in...
  4. The Bombshell.

    This is the best news this franchise has had in 20 years. And the only thing that would keep me watching the team going forward. We never stood a chance of ever winning again as long as this loser was in charge of the organization. He's a cheap pos who never placed a premium on actually doing...
  5. The Bombshell.

    Exclusive: Fifteen women who worked for Redskins allege sexual harassment by former scouts and members of owner Daniel Snyder’s inner circle Here's the first headline.
  6. The Bombshell.

    The key is proving that Snyder knew these things were going on. If he was, he's going to feel insane pressure to sell the team. Anything racist, or pimping out women would be incredible.
  7. Larry Michaels Retiring

    This isn't voluntary imho.
  8. If Snyder Goes, Does it Change Your Perspective?

    That's from Chad Forbes. It's apparent that a few employees did or said some unfortunate things. Let's hope that Dan knew about it and continued to allow it to happen. In these times, that might be enough to hand the keys over to a conglomerate run by Joe Gibbs.
  9. If Snyder Goes, Does it Change Your Perspective?

    Rumblings of damning report on #Redskins Owner Dan Snyder will come from @washingtonpost tomorrow. Remember, that’s the paper owned by Jeff Bezos. I’ve heard it called a coup. Play by Play voice just resigned. More drama coming in Old DC.
  10. If Snyder Goes, Does it Change Your Perspective?

    Total speculation so far, but maybe this could help to push him out the door? sexism and racism is bad . Now you will soon read why people lost jobs “Santos ,Mann” and how bad was in the organization in regards to that . Story about it is coming out soon . Really is sad and disappointing...
  11. Anybody watch Hamilton?

    I'm a fool that's spent tens of thousands to see every band in the front row. Stones, Fleetwood Mac, GnR, Rod Stewart, etc. I think Hamilton is the best live show that I've ever seen. Tom Petty and Dire Straits were incredible, AC/DC. Bryan Adams and Bob Seger also kicked ass, Def Leppard and...
  12. Redskins Announce Formal Review of Team Name

    How much a name change will hurt his wallet? It can't get any worse. The stadium is already empty and many have already given up. It would be great if we could get him to sell now too and really start fresh.
  13. WJLA: FedEx Requests Name Change

    Nike will pile on within 24 hours, then AD and other players. It's 2020, not 1983.
  14. WJLA: FedEx Requests Name Change

    It's already over. He has nothing to gain by being the last person to hang on, except to look like a racist. He's done.
  15. WJLA: FedEx Requests Name Change

    Everyone knew this was happening 5 years ago. Blackskin, Yellowskin, Redskin. You'd have to be stupid to think this name would ever last. Hopefully a new name brings better results.
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