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    The Offense!

    Come on ST, you're putting the onus of this poor play entirely on Inman shoulders when Haskins made a poor pass...hit Inman in stride, his momentum is not slowed enough that the contact from the defender stops him.
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    Random WFT Thoughts

    Throw in the ease at which a holding call is made in today's NFL...
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    Regular Season Practice / Roster updates

    Meh...we've seen it work here with some players, and others it has not. He has a coaching staff in place that should get the best out o f him, but if what I hear about his performance is true...they may want to call Thomas. He's still young enough to be top rated at his position for 3-4 more years.
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    The Three Good Things Thread

    Home schooling is great! We do not have to worry about what hidden agendas the teachers are pushing. We keep politics out of things right now since they are so young. Their learning pace is rather upbeat and they seem to be absorbing it well. They have their mom teaching them and they seem...
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    Regular Season Practice / Roster updates

    OBJ is done being a premier WR in this league. As for culture and Earl Thomas, like you've said a number of times...winning cures most ills. This team would be wise to at least entertain the idea. From what I am hearing, Apke certainly is not the answer.
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    Regular Season Practice / Roster updates

    Yup, I remember how vocal you were and agreed...I truly believed he would sign with the Skins. I think another move this team should make is to go after Earl Thomas. If anyone can get him on board, it's the tag team of Del Rio and Rivera. Sign him for a little as possible, at least enough of a...
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    Game Day - 2020 Week 2 - Washington @ Arizona

    This will be a big challenge for this DL. Murray is as elusive as a QB can get, and has weapons who are capable of torching any secondary.
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    Washington Is The Rodney Dangerfield Of The NFL

    To touch on this...even when the Skins won the division in 12 and 15, few gave them credit. So while I agree the only way back to respectability is through winning...even then it will take sustained winning g seasons in Washington, especially with Snyder as the owner. I bet dollars to donuts...
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    Washington Is The Rodney Dangerfield Of The NFL

    That was my 1st thought. The Redskins have lacked credibility since the 2nd run of Joe Gibbs, and even then it was sparing. This is nothing new...and just because there is a new team in town, doesn't mean they will automatically be lifted to respectable.
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    Adrian Peterson Released

    Who was bashing AP? I for one am happy to see him fitting in an offense more catered to his style.
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    Adrian Peterson Released

    Kinda my point...when W won without him.
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    Adrian Peterson Released

    AP ran for 93 yards on 14 carries today.
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    Game Day - 2020 Week 1 - Washington vs Philadelphia

    Congratulations to Ryan Kerrigan, a well deserved cap for the man who has been the single, constant positive on this team for the past ten years.
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    BGO Game Chat Sunday!

    Just call me if you need a ride.
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    2020 NCAA Football

    Not a good way to begin your career in Tallahassee. I will say, he is kinda hamstrung at the QB position, Blackmon has never been that good, but simply cannot let your team lose a game at home you should have won.
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