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Will they ever change the name?

Will the Harris Group change the name?

  • Yes

    Votes: 10 66.7%
  • No

    Votes: 5 33.3%

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Where is everyone on this?

Let me start by stating emphatically that I am so thankful to have Josh Harris as our new owner. That goes without saying. He is, in his sleep, a better man than Dan Snyder could ever pretend to be. I have zero doubt about who Josh Harris is and what kind of a human he is. That is a huge positive for the franchise we love and cheer for.

That being said, I have admittedly been tough on Josh Harris for his non-commital (and frankly, dismissive) responses to media questions about the potential of renaming the team again. Essentially he has said 'we have bigger fish to fry right now'. That is both reasonable and accurate. But the truth is, I believe the 'Commanders' name is the final symbol of the Dan Snyder era, that it represents the former organizations '**** what you fans want' attitude, and that it is a cringe-worthy moniker.

I know all of the arguments some will make against the idea of another name change.

1. We don't need the drama, we've been through enough already.
2. There is no one name that all fans will love.
3. Once this team starts winning, fans will get behind the name.

There are other thoughts, but those are probably the main 3. I understand the first reason, because the idea of going through another name change will require some patience and rationality not all fans may be able to muster. Going through the relative drama of a name change probably isn't something any of us are pining for, but if that's what it takes to finally get to a Dan Snyder-free new identity for our team, it will be well worth it. The 'there is no one name...' argument is a red herring. Of course that's true - it would be true of any name. Even 'Redskins' had it's detractors (obviously - that's how we got here). But there are names that are demonstrably more appealing than 'Commanders' is. We know this because, in choosing the current moniker, Jason Wright and Ron Rivera absolutely ignored the fan input they claimed to hold so dear and picked a meaningless name that was on no fan's favorite list. It is one of the most outrageous decisions in franchise history, that having been forced to give up the name we spent our whole lives using for our team, we were saddled with something a couple of temp hires came up with in one of their offices.

I hate 'Commanders'. Will I get used to it? Why is that even a relevant question? I'm sure if I had oozing sores on my ass as part of some chronic condition, I'd 'get used to it'. But Josh Harris has the power to relieve me of my affliction.

I hope he does, because regardless of what any individual thinks on that topic, it's a very important issue to a lot of fans.

The question is - will Josh Harris do something about it?
Though my heart hopes so my brain says no.
That's where I'm at. I would love to be wrong, but I think the level of 'irritation' with which Harris has answered the very few direct questions he's been asked about this are a sign he does not want to go there, or is being heavily pressured by the NFL to let it go and move forward.
For guys who claim they grew up as Redskins fans, they sure have run from this issue.
The previous owner claimed to be a fan too BTW.

Hell, every NFL fan I've run into tells me how awful the new name is and how bad our team was treated. When Cowboys, Giants and Eagles fans tell you this...it only re-enforces how bad the Commies name is.

Where's Josh Harris' backbone? Mitch Rales'?
Maybe they hate it too and are committed to fixing it. But they certainly haven’t telegraphed those intentions if that’s the case.
I am hoping they change it, but part of me feels they will just let everyone get used to the name and the pressure will die down. The one thing I'm trying to keep in mind is that this was the first full offseason for Harris, Peters, and the rest of front office. The most important thing was to get the on-field football operations under control. Now that they have done that, the focus should be on the stadium, practice facility, and a new name. We have heard rumblings about the stadium and practice facility but nothing about changing the name. I don't know what the window is for changing a name after new ownership, but I feel like now is the time to get working on that. Maybe they are and just don't want to drag it out like the last name change. Maybe they will just come out with it one day and tell us the new name.

The question I have is: what happens first, a new stadium is built or the name is changed.
I voted yes, because in all reality, if we've learned anything from this group from the beginning of their involvement of the purchase of the team, it's that none of us have a damn clue what they're actually planning, and they seem to be thinking in terms of chess instead of checkers.

The Harris group wasn't the frontrunner to buy the team til essentially the papers were being signed

I don't think it's an accident that Harris and co. choose to not use the team name with any regularity or passion. Peters and Newmark have used the term "Commanders Tag" when describing prospects, but it's been limited beyond that.

We've seen every other aspect of this front office do what makes the most sense, while the people outside the building argue about every other possible alternative.

1. The hiring of Adam Peters. A connected GM candidate that's been a major part of running his own show in San Fran. I haven't heard anyone mention Alec Halaby since Peters was announced.
2. The hiring of Dan Quinn. Looking at it now, it makes so much more sense that a new owner and GM start their first season with a veteran Head Coach that's not only been to a Super Bowl, but is absolutely connected throughout the league. I haven't heard anyone mention Ben Johnson in months.
3. The retention of Ron Rivera throughout the entirety of the 2023 season. We all were frustrated that he maintained that position, but a mid-year dismissal would have not accomplished anything, and would have further upset the dynamic of the building.
4. The draft. We had absolutely no idea what was going on behind the scenes, we all were confused at times with their decisions, and we can mostly look back now and say hmm...

Whats the next step that makes sense?

Announce a new name, the same time you announce your opening date of your new facility and stadium. Tie the whole thing together. New Stadium "The Pig Pen at Smithfield Field" will be the new home to your Washington Warthogs. It will be located at 'X'. Have 4 guys in badass pig suits roll out on Harley Davidsons. Reveal the new uniform that goes back to the 'old' uniform with a new brand and logo. Announce that the team will be officially adopting the name during the following offseason, and moving into the new digs however many years later once the new building is complete in 202X.


All announced together.
I am with you Kel and that’s exactly why I raise this issue now.

ST - great post. Only issue I take is that I don’t see them changing the name that far down the road. By that time, Commanders is entrenched and why not just settle for it. If they are going to change it, they’ve got to communicate that intent soon. If it takes years to implement that’s cool. But the fanbase deserves to know one way or the other and I hope someone is saying these things to our new owners.
I am with you Kel and that’s exactly why I raise this issue now.

ST - great post. Only issue I take is that I don’t see them changing the name that far down the road. By that time, Commanders is entrenched and why not just settle for it. If they are going to change it, they’ve got to communicate that intent soon. If it takes years to implement that’s cool. But the fanbase deserves to know one way or the other and I hope someone is saying these things to our new owners.

I meant the team would be adopting the following offseason after the announcement.

Lets say they make this surprise announcement on June 5th 2024. The following offseason (so after the 2024 season) they would convert to Warthogs. The announcement timeline is aligned, not the change.
Does the hashtag change to #RaiseHail! mean anything in your guys' opinion?
Does the hashtag change to #RaiseHail! mean anything in your guys' opinion?

i dont think so.

I think it was just a nod to the past, while being open enough to go in multiple directions.

It's conspicuously missing the team name also. TakeCommand would have been an easy one to continue branding if the name was in the long term future.


None of which are great, but all could incorporate the name if they had chosen to.
Look. Brother Om and I got into it recently on Harris. My concerns, admittedly, revolve around perceptions and what he ‘hasn’t done’ (but may yet do) vs his actions since becoming the lead owner. He may well be all over this. If he is, I will sacrifice myself on his mantle in eternal tribute. I just think it’s time to communicate the teams position on this, a topic that clearly is hugely important to the fanbase.

I am a big (and old) boy. I will live with whatever they decide. I really have no choice and I am well beyond stomping out of my fandom and taking my toys home with me.

But I want to know. It’s time.
I think one thing Snyder proved was to change the name of an NFL franchise is a complicated, multi-year process. Harris and Mitch Rales made their fortune in refurbishing distressed companies. I suspect part of that is an understanding of the power of branding and rebranding.

Right now, the name Commanders have no positive associations and have built up very little or no fan attachment. In some respects, that makes it easy to rebrand. You don't have to find nostalgia, tradition, etc. On the other hand, we are so new to the name they may think it's a blank slate and whatever they do will form the core feelings surrounding the name. From an analytics perspective (tee hee) the question is the cost of the negative association of Daniel Snyder to the name as compared to the monetary costs of going through a complete rebranding.

Having said whole bunch of nothing, I could see a rebrand in our future, but if it were to happen it would have to happen relatively quickly before attachment occurs. Already, a number of fans don't hate the name as much as they used to. After all, it's a blah, safe name. If Quinn starts winning then it will be harder to change the name because we will buy jerseys and caps. If the rebuild is slower, then they have the opportunity to roll out the new name at the point when they think the team is ready to rock. Ultimately, I see it more likely than not we see a rebrand because I think the owners will believe that disassociating themselves with Snyder will be the best thing for the health of the franchise and the best way to grow the fanbase. More, they will want a name that sounds more 21st Century versus Atari 2600.
That’s a nice summary of the business thinking burgold. I guess what I’m hoping is that the new ownership actually gives a shit about what this fanbase actually desires. We have been through a lot. I would like to believe the fanbase still matters. We’ll see if Harris and Company really care about how the fanbase feels as they have claimed or whether it’s just corporate speak. Changing the name is not the easier path here.
Personally, I’d prefer a different name, too my inner nerd wants a fantasy alliteration like Washington Werewolves or Washington Wyverns, but I love led Red Tails and Red Wolves, too. I’m probably the only one who’d be overjoyed by the Washington Controversy or the Washington Revenuers.

Commanders is so blah. Besides, it makes no sense. The Commanders don’t take to the field that’s the troops.
I doubt the team wants to revisit this one since it would be too easy for them to kick the can down the road.

I can't stand Commanders. I refer to them as Washington instead of Commanders.

Of all the names being proposed a while back, RedWolves was the one I would have preferred.
I voted yes, but not with any great conviction. I read somewhere that it cost an 8 figure tab just for all the research for the rebranding. That's a big investment to repeat.
Commanders is an extremely "vanilla" team name. Something you would expect to pop up as a default in a video game.
Probably a dumb question brought on by distance - but is there no way they would ever consider a return to a more respectful, native American name ? Something like the Seminoles in Florida ? Or is that frowned upon too ?
Yes, the name will change.

No, it won’t happen now due to all of the issues Snyder left for the next owner to address including the state of current venue, front office and roster construction, and new stadium planning.
I think a name change is inevitable, we'd have to win a superbowl quickly (2-3 years) I believe to even have a chance of it remaining. Commanders is just a shitty name, forget it's attached to Snyder and all that, it just sucks. I'd wager after season 3 we'll get an announcement of some sort. On the flip side at least their not trying to erase history, as the DG announcement had a picture with the real logo pictured prominently.
'Commanders' is almost impossible to market with a logo and mascot commercially. It is too general of a name to really grab people's attention or make them come up with any kind of vision that represents the brand.

That's one reason the current helmet and uniform feature a gold 'W' and nothing else.

You could put a New England Patriots type logo from the 1970's on the helmet with a Revolutionary War officer perhaps on horseback.

But that was an awfully complex design and didn't translate well.

In terms of just an object to represent 'Commanders' other teams like the Buccaneers and Raiders already feature crossed swords or flags, etc.

As with seemingly everything else, Snyder has left us with a name that needs to be changed.

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