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Twitter: Grossman To Start Sunday


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Jul 15, 2009
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granthpaulsen Grant Paulsen
RT @JasonLaCanfora Rex Grossman will start for the Redskins on Sunday. Decision was made over the weekend. Full story upcoming on NFL.com

Came from LaCanfora so....maybe not. :)

(Saw Lanky's post in another thread. Thought it deserved its own.)
I figured I'd started enough new Beck/Grossman threads, so I'd just add it to an existing one. :)
Confirmed by someone with actual sources ...

Adam Schefter
Redskins have made the decision to go with Rex Grossman as their starting quarterback.
Good. Now we can take our hands off the "drama button" for another week. Cool.
RexSkins Stephen Rexrode
I love that nobody would accept it until @AdamSchefter said Rexy was the starter. Sorry @JasonLaCanfora

I just hope "Good Rex" is the one that suits up for this game while "Bad Rex" stays home and watches on TV. ;)
I can honestly say that over the course of his career, I never thought I would be happy to see Rex Grossman starting for the Redskins :laugh:
Somewhere... Boone is smiling. And FS is throwing things.

I think anyone could make a case for either guy. Grossman's more capable right now - it's not close in my opinion. Beck probably has more potential upside, and it would be nice to see what he can do in real games.

Unfortunately - chances are he'll get his chance.
It was pretty easy to see this coming. About the only justification I could see for starting Beck was the idea that someone stated earlier to give the "high upside guy" a shot before giving it over to the limited upside guy (i.e. Grossman).

IMO Beck had a few nice plays during the preseason but he didn't really sustain offense or get into a rhythm the way Grossman did from the start of the Steelers game. Ultimately it's a moot point because our QB of the future will be taken in the next draft and both Grossman and Beck will be battling for a backup job in relatively short order.
Agree Yusuf. The only scenario now where that doesn't happen is if Beck somehow gets himself on the field and lights up consistently. Otherwise, think we'll go after a franchise QB next draft.

Unless the interwebz rumors are true and we trade a couple of receivers for Tebow that is :)
Let's make one thing perfectly clear though. We are NOT getting Luck. We ain't finishing 32nd, and I don't see ANYONE trading out of that spot.
with the new rules for [paying rookies I dont see teams trading down as much anymore. however free agency will start having guys who are younger so it balances, as long as Shanny doesnt pull another mcnabb, I will trust his judgement on who we need at QB, but he better get some damn Olinemen!
I agree - but I wouldn't put it so absolutely HH. I think we'll be a top 15 or 20 team this year at worst. So no - we won't get a top pick. But there are plenty of teams potential of a bad season who already have their young QB of the future. If one of those teams ends up with a top pick, they may decide to sell to the highest bidder.

I'm not recommending that and I don't see Allen/Shanahan doing it - but it's not an impossibility either.

But lets see how the guys we already have on the roster do before we worry about it...
But lets see how the guys we already have on the roster do before we worry about it...

Absolutely, bro. No question.

Back on topic (sorry for the derail) I'm comfortable with Grossman; just like I would have been comfortable with Beck. Though we've all chosen our "favorite" and some of us (guilty) have flip-flopped favorites, I don't see this being a drastically different team, no matter who is under center.

We're still going to run the holy dog**** out of the ball. We're still going to play a swarming style of defense; the likes of which we haven't seen in a while. We're still going to have some struggles in the D secondary. We're still going to get bonehead plays from our QB every once in a while.

But ultimately, this is a pretty good team. It just makes sense that we would have a "pretty good" QB to run it. And I feel like that will be the case no matter which guy starts a given game.
I'm not shocked. Based on play, Grossman needed to be given the job or Shanahan would have been called out for never actually giving Rex the opportunity to win the job. Beck still probably has more upside, but I still don't believe either is the long term solution. And let's keep in mind, Grossman is only under contract this year.
Let's make one thing perfectly clear though. We are NOT getting Luck. We ain't finishing 32nd, and I don't see ANYONE trading out of that spot.
Agreed. Even so, it appears that the next draft is going to have several legit franchise QBs so as long as we don't do something crazy like make the paloffs we'll probably have a decent shot at being able to land one of those guys.

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