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Redskins 40, Saints 32


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Apr 11, 2009
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Discuss. :)

I'm building an ark for all of the "experts" who will be rushing the airwaves and other media avenues to say they told us so.

I would like to flip the bird to all of you who laughed and mocked me when I said the Skins would win 38-34. :) I even got the combined total right.
I would like to flip the bird to all of you who laughed and mocked me when I said the Skins would win 38-34. :) I even got the combined total right.

You thought the Skins would only win by 4?

The excuses have already started in the media. "Payton was missing" and etcetera. Because he would have kept Garcon from getting that first TD, of course. Never have I been so glad about being wrong. Nick
When only 3 of ESPN's experts pick us, you know excuses would start.
I heard more "experts" say we had "no chance" last week then I knew existed and I knew there were a lot of "experts" out there. While I wasn't predicting a win, I certainly thought it was possible and I knew Griffin was going to put up a very respectable day. What I didn't know was that he was going to redefine the term "respectable" for me. Wow.
I didn't pick them to win.

I had no idea Griffin would go 320 yards, 2 TD's, 0 INTS, have a perfect QB rating at halftime, and score on 7 out of the first 9 drives; with 1 of the 2 scoreless drives being a kneel down to run the clock out in the 2nd QRT.

And no one who picked the redskins to win thought he'd do that either.
Did the block punt count as a turnover? I remember end of last season we were on a streak for consecutive games with a turnover.

30 straights games with a turnover was ended yesterday. Was the longest active streak in the NFL.
Okay, you know me, time for some stats-not a barrage, I promise, just a couple.

Redskins average yardage per passing play -including sacks.



(Brees and the Saints average was 6.0 yards per pass including sacks.)


Red Zone efficiency 3 for 5-60%

Goal-to-go efficiency 3 for 3 100%


We got into the end zone every time we had a goal to go situation.

I repeat...Damn.

FGs 4 for 4 (Thanks Billy :))

Probably the most amazing one of all.

Time of possession.

Redskins 39:10

Saints 20:50


My Redskins did that?

My head is still reeling.
And a 139.9 QB rating for the game. So much happened yesterday.

But we probably lost Bernstine for the year and Sundberg too.
I said it somewhere in another thread... if we can rush for a hundred a game and keep the line healthy, there's isn't a team on the schedule we don't have a chance to beat.

As most, I didn't expect quite the performance Griffin put in. I expected solid, not mind blowing. The loss of Garcon was a blessing in my book, making Robert play without his safety net. Getting in sync with all the players running routs is big time important, and the ball got spread around nicely. Of course I want Garson on the field, but yesterday speed up the learning curve.

We saw players step up with no visible drop off in play when other went down, and lots of young talent contributing at crucial moments of the game.

There's still lots of work to do, but we're walkin down the right road. The running game will get better, as will the vertical passing game. The game plan was spot on, and taylored to build confidence for our young signal caller, though I don't think there was any question in Roberts mind after watching him run the O like a seasoned vet.

No doubt we'll take our lumps, and Robert will have off days, but the way he played yesterday tells me that a bad day for him can be productive enough to win.

I haven't seen a team effort like this in... well, what seems like forever. The D did an excellent job. Everybody has tape on Robert now, and the key will be to keep things constantly changing / evolving, to keep the slight edge this season.

I know it's only one game, but come late season, this team could be very scary to opponents.

Couple of random thoughts:

- The play calling was very good. We had the Saint guessing all day.
- I don't want to see as many planned runs for RGIII as we saw this past weekend. It's just going to get him beat up needlessly.
- The problems in the punting game are unforgivable. Seriously.
- Banks is both exciting when he returns punts and terrifying when catching them.
- I work with fans of all three other NFC East teams. They were all running scared of what they saw this weekend. What a nice change of pace that was.
Per the Washington Post, Griffin to Garçon for 88 yards and a TD is the Skin's longest pass play since 1987. Wow.

Think about that for a minute.


Gibbs was still coaching, Jay Schroeder was still starting and Bobby Beathard was still the GM. I was a sophomore in college and had not yet met my wife. Reagan was still President. The Soviet Block was still...well... the Soviet Block. Cheers had only been on TV for 5 years.

Oh, and Robert Griffin III would not be born another 3 years.

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The loss of Garcon was a blessing in my book, making Robert play without his safety net.

88 yds. for a TD as a safety net is ok in my book. :)

Dreamt about RG3 having this tpye of game but never believed it woould be. Redskins fans just don't have those dreams fulfilled. Til now!!! ;)
But we probably lost Bernstine for the year and Sundberg too.

Rumors are Bernstine is an ACL. Gone for the year, yes.

Sunberg is going to depend. It's a 4-6 week injury. It'll come down to the new (weird) IR rules, and whether or not they want to risk him on waivers or keep him.

One thing is for sure - the entire organization is impressed with Sundberg's will and ability to play with a broken arm. They want him on the team. They need to find a way to do it while dealing with the injury.

One suggestion on the radio was that Montgomery does long snaps for a few weeks till he is back.

- The problems in the punting game are unforgivable. Seriously.
The center had a broken arm that caused some confusion with blocking assignments and allowed a guy to run free right up the middle.

I think it was forgivable given the circumstance and the overall outcome of the game, but thats just my opinion :)
Confirmed by Shanahan at 3 o'clock presser - bernstine out of the year.

'everything with the knee' is how he described the injury. pcl, acl, etc etc.

Griffin didn't carry himself like a rookie, especially in the second half when crucial third downs needed to be made to take time off the clock.

That and ZERO turnovers is the difference in 2012.

Last year Grossman would not have been clutch in the fourth quarter and would have had an interception and a fumble.
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how long is garcon out for?
Depends on pain tolerance, Shanny described it as a "turf toe" type injury but higher up the foot.
Xrays negative, should get a better handle on it after practice Tues.

Garcon claims that he will play.

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