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The Redskins have signed free agent running back Larry Johnson, the team announced on Friday.

Johnson is a big, bruising back who has compiled 6,219 rushing yards and 55 touchdowns and earned two Pro Bowl berths along the way.

He joins Clinton Portis, another two-time Pro Bowler, in the Redskins' backfield.

Johnson, who grew up in Pomfret, Md., called the signing a "dream come true." His father, Larry Johnson, Sr., played for the Redskins in 1974.

"Being from the Maryland area, grew up watching the Redskins," Johnson said during an interview at Redskins Park. "That's what was on the TV, the Redskins and Cowboys...There's just so much history. I used to go to their camps--Gary Clark, Art Monk, all of those guys were there.

"It's great to be in a city with all my family and friends and everybody I basically went to high school and college with that's still down here. So it's fun."

Johnson played seven-and-a-half seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs before he was released midseason last year. He joined the Cincinnati Bengals to close out the season.

Johnson entered the NFL as a first-round draft pick by the Chiefs in 2002.

He had his two best seasons in 2005-06, when he rushed for 1,750+ yards both seasons and totaled 37 touchdowns.

Johnson also has 154 catches out of the backfield for 1,373 yards and six TDs.

I like that he only loses a fumble once every 158 carries compared to Portis' once every 115.
Well, I wasn't interested in seeing him signed, but here he is. Gotta say as opposed as I was, I can't get visions of a power back hitting the holes in DC again out of my mind.
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wait and see but i,m alright with the signing.
I don't understand this at all. Why not find some young fresh blood to fill the position. LJ isn't going to be around long enough to help this team when the rebuilding is done.

I just can't see the team being competitive enough next year for this to make sense.
At this point in his career, is LJ any better than Ladell Betts would have been?
I don't understand this at all. Why not find some young fresh blood to fill the position. LJ isn't going to be around long enough to help this team when the rebuilding is done.

I just can't see the team being competitive enough next year for this to make sense.

The Draft! That's where we find "young fresh blood". I think round 4 or 5 is when we find a RB.

LJ is a nice style compliment to CP in the backfield. Don't think for a minute that Shanahan is going to put up with any crap from LJ or CP. There's a one way ticket out of town with their names on it if they don't tow the line.
Put two dancing divas in a room together, lock the door and see which one emerges. Trouble is I worry its not each other they are going to fight....

Not exactly what I had in mind when Shanahan was hired, now was it?
hopefully youve never dressed up for halloween or had a theme party. because if thats that only reason you call them divas thats not diva at all.

Dude? :insane: Are you serious? Do I have to E.X.P.L.A.I.N. it for you better or are you just busting my coconuts?

"DIVA: a bitchy woman that must have her way exactly, or no way at all. often rude and belittles people, believes that everyone is beneath her and thinks that she is so much more loved than what she really is. selfish, spoiled, and overly dramatic."
Both of them bitch and moan about stuff all the time and ACT LIKE they think that they are more loved than they really are. (no I'm not going to outline it for you use google) Selfish...Check...Spoiled...Check...Overly dramatic? CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK.

  • http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/diva
DIVA: 1 a : prima donna 1 b : prima donna
OK, so it means Prima Donna? As used in the post right after mine and many others that I know.

  • BEYONCE KNOWLES (song title: DIVA: "A diva is a female version of a hustler."

One would have some success to argue that both of these fellas think of themselves as hustlers... He'll they've both hustled quite a few millions from NFL teams while always having some type of drama surrounding them. :rotflmao:

Both the terms "diva" and "prima donna" are now used disparagingly for someone who acts overly entitled.

A major cog in an NFL offense who self admittedly held himself out of practice because he could, could be said to act "Overly entitled." The same could be said for a man who makes millions of dollars to play a game yet finds the need to show a lack of respect to women as outlined in several hundred articles about his clubbing, woman and legal troubles.

Must I continue?

I think, in a slightly kinder way of putting it Mike, most Redskins fans don't share you patience with and affection for Portis. He is a drama-queen and has shown it repeatedly.
Worse yet, he's shown a propensity for going behind the coaching staff's back to try and influence decisions. That's damn near despicable in most people's book.

Now whether or not the Redskins would be better off, given Portis' natural talent, dumping the guy, or trying to reign him in and get him to focus on his job? That's an open question.

As for the rest of the discussion, you guys can take it to pm if you want to throw down :)
Head-scratcher of a move for sure. I guess he's probably a cheap back-up with lots of experience, but I don't see the logic in having old-and-busted backed up by old-and-busted. Especially at that position.

Yeah, and Portis is the epitome of Diva. When he's playing well it's charming. When he's not it's annoying. But either way ... Diva. :)
Even if he runs for 2,000 yards this season, I'll stand by my comments and wear my authentic Portis jersey with pride. I like CP but his comments to the media and the comments made by players about his work ethic and going over people's heads to the boss pretty much sums up the case.

It's not either or - you can acknowledge Portis' talent and skill, and call him on his bull**** and 'me first' drama routine. Those are two separate things. One doesn't give him a pass on the other. I want to be a CP fan. He's shown himself to be one tough son of a bitch at times. But he needs to grow up or he'll never be more than a stats whore with a decent NFL pedigree. Truthfully, I don't think he's got the character to be more than that - but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
You watch team after team have great running backs that keep their mouths shut and do their job year after year.... CPs act wears on you. Hell I've gotten sick of hearing about the drama surrounding LJ forever and now we have both?

My disappointment came from the myth that Shanahan and his system could get 1000 yards from anybody. That would have let us get rid of the divas in at very least, the running game. There are a few others who need to be considered as well.

Yes Miike I was serious with my post. Never saw anyone in such denial about a simple and common perception of NFL player, lots of yards over the years or not, both of these players are malcontents. Did you support TO too? Ok thats too much of a stretch. You know CP is tough, but at this point in his career is he worth the baggage? Most teams can barely put up with one personality like this, we have two in the same position... its a little much when I for one, was expecting a little bit more of a purge of the entitled ones on this team.

If CP plays well this year, what makes you think anyone can say anything but....Shanahan can get 1000 yards out of anyone? If he doesn't, what kind of toll will it take on the locker room?

SO you dont think Portis and LJ are divas. OK. For the record that outfit LJ had on was a night at the club, not halloween. LOL. I think both are high maintenance in a time where the TEAM concept needs to be primary...Its been sorely lacking for a few years now.
We don't know who will earn the starting job, but wouldn't it be nice for Johnson to win it and for this team to cease being Clinton Portis's team?

Sure have put up with enough crap from him over the past few years.

It would be nice to see him humbled a bit.
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