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Music Recommendation Thread

Love me some Whiskey Myers!

This kid is so underrated...
It looks like just pasting in a video url doesn’t make it playable (you’ll get a 'video not available’ message. But if you select the 'insert media’ icon (the video camera icon to the right of the GIPHY icon) and paste it there, it will play. I’ll have to look at why it’s not playable when just pasting the url or putting in media tags)
I used the "insert link" button. It works for me...but, it might just be because it is mine? Ionno...
Did you try to play it though? Wouldn’t play for me 'video unavailable’.
You don't see a link for Gordon and NOT hit play!

I did...it worked for me.

Hands down my favorite Evanescence song. I can't understand why it was never released as a single. Most people I talk to have never even heard the song, but get hooked when they listen the first time.
Never heard it either. Btw - you guys can upload favorite tunes in the Media Library as well as threads if you're interested.
Best Van Halen song?

Mine is ‘Dance the Night Away’
The Cradle Will Rock
I like the way the line runs up the back of her stockings...

I grew up on Gordon Lightfoot. My dad had a vinyl collection that seemed miles deep, and I used to play throught them just because vinyl sounded so damn good. I miss the richness of the sound it produced. The Eagles, Deep Purple, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, The Byrds, Cream - I'd sit there for hours on end listening to that stuff and I loved every second of it.
I'm sure I'm not the only one that really regrets ditching my vinyl collection 20 years ago when CDs replaced them. I even ditched some great bootlegs I had (I had a red vinyl bootleg pressing of Springsteen's 'Fire on the Fingertips' set - pretty rare).

Stupid. I'd love to have some of those vinyl gems back now.
I got the wife a record player last year for Christmas. You can find vinyl for cheap, but you are so right. I had every KISS LP from KISS all the way to Lick It Up that I got from when I was 5 until then. I still can remember how much fun it was to sit and just stare at the covers while listening to it.

Funny story: My brother was a HUGE Queen fan. For Christmas my parents got him the Bicycle LP. It was a great moment...for about 30 seconds until he opened it up. We were stunned, my parents were shocked..and that was the last time we ever saw that LP cover! LOL

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