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Donovan McNabb Running his Bitter Betty Mouth Again

You guys have to stop hating on McNabb. He was clearly misused in Washington.

And it was all Mike Rizzo of the Nationals fault.

Properly used, McNabb's passes would have increased the fielding by the Nationals infielders up to Golden Glove level.

Short hops to 2nd and 3rd base would have been a piece of cake. :)
Yes, McNabb is bitter. Because Shanahan refused to install McNabb's patented 'Worm Burner' offense that could've revolutionized the NFL passing game.

McNabb: 'Anyone can throw a spiral to an open reciever. **** man, that's nothing but boring. But try skipping the ball and one or two-hopping it off the turf to a guy. Hell, that's genius baby. That's artistry. I guess mighty Coach Shanahan just wasn't progressive enough to grasp what McNabb does. We'll never know what I coulda done in the Worm Burner. It's a tragedy.'

Much like the guy in "The Jerk" movie hated oil cans, Donovan McNabb has an unhealthy hatred for worms.

If you listen closely, you can hear Redskin players yelling, "He hates those worms !!!", after almost every passing play.
meh, he's just making the transition from forced retirement as a player to talking head.

Best way to do it is to make a splash, tell "the truth" as perceived in his reality, create controversy by swimming against the tide of general opinion and spice it up with a few fireballs.

Shame really, early on, I used to kinda like the guy and always thought that it would have been cool to have a QB with his skills.

The ego thing on both sides does have some merit but he also needs to realize what was going on with the team and Shanny's effort to clean up the culture. I suspect that Shanny was just a little intolerant of any kind of diva 'tude that year and might have reacted accordingly.
What amazes me is how none of the Redskins players have said much on the subject be they ex or current players
I would hope they aren't responding because they don't want to feed the troll, as it were.
Nice refutation by Mike Lombardi here:

I have no idea what Donovan McNabb is talking about when he says quarterback Robert Griffin III isn't suited for the Washington Redskins and coach Mike Shanahan's offense. How can a player as talented as Griffin not excel in Shanahan's offense, or in any offense for that matter? Griffin has a unique NFL skill set, which is well-rounded and adaptable to any scheme.

Is McNabb just bitter about his time in D.C.? He has to know that offenses are tailored to quarterbacks, not the other way around.

When McNabb first started with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999, his skill set wasn't suited for the West Coast offense. McNabb lacked accuracy, timing and quick decision making, and in his first season he completed less than 50 percent of his passes. As Eagles coach Andy Reid learned more about what talents McNabb possessed as a quarterback, he then highlighted those talents, and McNabb quickly improved. It was not until his sixth season that McNabb was able to achieve a passer rating above 100 and eclipse 60 percent of his completions.

There was a long trial-and-error period for McNabb, and once Reid focused on the strengths of McNabb's game, and not trying to fit the system to the player, McNabb became much better. Even though many in Philadelphia claimed the Eagles were running the West Coast offense, in reality they were running the McNabb version of the West Coast, not the pure West Coast. Just because a team runs Y stick or X drive -- both core plays in the West Coast system -- doesn't make it a pure West Coast offense.

So when McNabb makes a ridiculous statement that Griffin can't function in Shanahan's offense, McNabb should know that the skill set of the player shapes the offense. The West Coast offense that he ran in Philadelphia was different than the Joe Montana version in San Francisco. McNabb and Montana clearly had different skills sets, different talents, therefore their coaches made the right adjustments to fit the offense around their individual games -- just like Shanahan will do in Washington with Griffin.


I don't know if McNabb is just not that smart, or if he's so self-centered he thinks that what he ran was the West Coast offense. Every coach adapts his offense to his players and the players adapt to the coaches system. Unfortunately for the Redskins, McNabb wanted no part of wanting to adapt to the Redskins offense. Unfortunately for McNabb, he proved the problem was him when he was run out of town in Minnesota and no one since has called him to play.
I have two words for anyone including McNabb trying to claim he came here and actually tried to make it work:

Arm Band.

The people that crack me up in all this are the (mostly Eagle) fans still sticking to the "McNabb is classy, humble and a great teammate" nonsense. Some people wouldn't admit they were on fire if it meant admitting to having been wrong.
On twitter a short time ago...

Every Easter when the Redskins don't trade for Donovan McNabb is a good Easter.

No trade necessary this Easter thought. He could be signed free and clear. ;)
Funny, McNabb talked about walking away from the NFL a couple of years ago to manage all those businesses he owns.

Now that he is out of the league all he seems to want to do is hang around at the periphery like a ghost.

The fact his comments on the Redskins qb situation were so blatantly one-sided indicates to me he has compromised himself in re a media career.
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