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Donovan McNabb Running his Bitter Betty Mouth Again

What did you car ever do to you?

Ok, that was a cheap shot....I'm done here.
What did you car ever do to you?

Ok, that was a cheap shot....I'm done here.

It's just that price of gas thing and nothing else. Need to make good usage of that piece of cloth though.

Still waiting for offers. <Crickets Chirping>
Are we going to hear from McNabb in re every quarterback? :)

First, he was spouting off that Peyton Manning was a poor fit because of X and Y, now Griffin is a bad fit because of Z.

Let's face it, McNabb at this point is simply running down the Redskins organization at every chance he gets regardless of the merits of the individual player or their particular fit in the offensive system here.

He simply has too much of an axe to grind to be anywhere near objective.

Meanwhile, he holds himself out as a guy that was misused but he still remains without a job in a league where quality quarterbacks are at a premium.

He was so average last year in Minnesota the Viking accelerated the plan to start Ponder by half a season because the results couldn't be any worse.

The amusing part to me is that McNabb seems to have no animus for the Eagles, the team that originally made the judgment that Kevin Kolb was an upgrade on old #5.

And we have seen from subsequent events that Reid wasn't even sold on Kolb to begin with.

That tells you how low McNabb had sunk with his play in 2008 and 2009.
I find some of the very first comments interesting to say the least:

Donovan makes some excellent points. People on here should stop comparing RG3 to McNabb. Obviously, they are both talented but the difference is...McNabb has had success and been a perennial winner in the NFL. RG3 hasn't even been drafted but the media and lay-educated have basically elected him the next President of the United States. Stop the mania and let's be realistic.

Look at the roster of the Redskins, McNabb had no chance. McNabb in a wheelchair is better than Grossman. The team new it .Same thing in Minn. If i was a player, And you put in Grossman/ponder WHO ARE NOT BETTER than McNabb. I would being saying to myself, the coach is not giving us the best chance to win THIS YEAR. Minn, should have SAT Ponder. He was not ready. PERIOD

Yeah, no way Donovan could work with with our WRs - they were all over 1 foot tall and couldn't catch the balls being thrown at their feet. HE NEVER HAD A CHANCE!!!
Joe Theismann's receivers in the Super Bowl were Alvin Garrett, who was acquired on $100 waivers from the Giants and Charlie Brown, a #8 draft pick from South Carolina.

Give me a break. There are a lot of quarterbacks who have succeeded with less in the NFL than Donovan McNabb has had.

Why was McNabb unable to win a Super Bowl all those years with the Eagles when they had homefield advantage in the playoffs?

More often than not it was because he was outplayed in the final game.
The worst part of it is that even after either Griffin or Luck succeed in DC he will have an out. He will come back and say this is proof that he was misused, and that the Shanahans have changed the offense to fit the strengths and style of which ever one is running it. In no way will his failure in DC ever be his fault in his mind. And if he is working in the media at the time, we will hear it every week.
...In no way will his failure in DC ever be his fault in his mind. And if he is working in the media at the time, we will hear it every week.

Yeah, narcissism knows no bounds does it?
Yes, McNabb is bitter. Because Shanahan refused to install McNabb's patented 'Worm Burner' offense that could've revolutionized the NFL passing game.

McNabb: 'Anyone can throw a spiral to an open reciever. **** man, that's nothing but boring. But try skipping the ball and one or two-hopping it off the turf to a guy. Hell, that's genius baby. That's artistry. I guess mighty Coach Shanahan just wasn't progressive enough to grasp what McNabb does. We'll never know what I coulda done in the Worm Burner. It's a tragedy.'
Hey McNugget.....


Up your nose with a rubber hose.....
OMG. I found it. Compelling and indisputable visual evidence that McNabb was 'misused' by Shanahan.


They've got him under center for God's sake!

"No pops, we can't afford the chunky chicken noodle till somebody signs me to a long term deal..."
I was watching NFL network and they asked Billick and Tory Holt about McNabb's comment and they both said he was off base and RG3 would be a great fit for the Redskin's offense. The host then said it was obvious McNabb just had an axe to grind.

McNabb is just bitter; he was benched in both Washington and Minnesota and now can't buy a job.
Not sure if school yard baseball has the same rules as school yard cricket, where if the ball bounces once and you catch it your out. Perhaps McNabb just got his sports mixed up.
Donovan clearly is talking about himself, as he seems himself, when talking about RG3's skill set and attributes. Which is an instant turn off, of course. Even at his best coming out of Syracuse, he was never in Griffin's class physically. Or even, from what we think we know, mentally. So right away the instinct is to roll your eyes and wish he'd just go away already.

But what I'd actually be interested in hearing someone ask him, for ****s and giggles, is exactly what he thinks the Redskins should have done differently in terms of how he was used.
Ask all the worms and blade of grass he has killed if his unfairly criticized.

Not only is McNugget dead wrong (Tebow took more criticism in one year than he ever saw in his entire career. He was protected quite a bit because of his fragile ego, IMHO), but I hope he drowns in Lake Me.

First comment says it all: "I’m also the most uninformed QB when it comes to OT rules."

As Florio said, I can think of two times he was unfairly criticized: draft day and Rush's comments. Aside from that, STFU, whiner.

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