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Celebrity Passings

Anita Pointer at 74

I loved the pointer sisters as a kid. I always loved their harmonies and how they felt like they brought the "old school" with them to the 80s.
Art McNally, 97

Marine, Former NFL official and Head of Officiating. First NFL official inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Sad. I don't know a lot about her but I am sure it was not easy growing up in the shadow of all that fame and drama.
Robbie Kneivel 60 years old.

F cancer!!
Robbie Bachman of Bachman-Turner Overdrive, 69
This is eerily similar to the year we had where a whole bunch of celebs died
That style of harmony they had was always so nice.
Crosby had major coke and heroin addictions for a long time. Almost destroyed his career. It's amazing he made it to his 80's honestly. Loved CSN and CSNY... like Mike stated, harmony geniuses.
He also donated sperm to Melissa ethridge so she could have a child.

Dude had a crazy life
College Basketball announcer Billy Packer, 82. Anyone who is a college basketball fan and watched in the 80s - 2000s heard Packer on some of the biggest moments in the sport.

Lisa Loring, 64 - the original Wednesday Addams
Cindy Williams passed away at 75
Seriously tough day for celebs. Geez.

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