1. 2012 - Week 17 v Dallas Cowboys

    Blognosticator - Fear the Spear It Has Begun. Again. It all began on the date of January 8th, 1983. The Redskins were playing at RFK Stadium, under soon-to-be legendary Coach Joe Gibbs. And they were on the verge of finishing off the Lions in the Wild Card round when, during the 2nd half, the...
  2. 2012 - Week 12 @ Dallas Cowboys

    Blognosticator - MikeSr619 Fuck Dallas! Ok, now that is out of the way, let me TRY to be objectionable here. I hate the Cowboys. I mean I really hate the Cowboys. I have stopped dating girls because I found out they were fans. I have turned down perspective roommates who more than...
  3. Neophyte

    Official Game Thread: Week 1 2019 - Cowboys @ Redskins

    Talk about the game here, before, during, and after. Hail!! Game Preview: Redskins vs. Cowboys 2019
  4. Neophyte

    Game Thread: 2017 Week 8 - Cowboys @ Redskins

    Welcome to the new Game Thread format! Use this thread in the days before the game, during the game and after the game to talk about this match up. There will be poll to vote on the outcome and has the week progresses we will add links to other game related threads like that week's...
  5. Neophyte

    Official Game Day Thread: Redskins @ Cowboys

    Let us give thanks for our team and our QB. Hail!
  6. Neophyte

    Aikman Says Romo is Better QB then He Was

    Aikman: Romo better Quarterback then I was I can see Troy's point here. Romo is better at improvisation than Aikman was but I can tell you that as a Redskins fan I would much rather face Romo than Aikman. Maybe Troy wasn't so hot when a play broke down but he rarely made bad decisions and his...
  7. Neophyte

    New Cowboys Stadium

    For those of you curious about what it looks like here is a link to a gallery by a local (that is Dallas local) photographer who has done some very nice shots of the new joint. New Cowboys Stadium Photos Even though I don't really like or respect the guy, I have to admit Jerry has done a bang...
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