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2012 - Week 12 @ Dallas Cowboys

Blognosticator - MikeSr619

Fuck Dallas!

Ok, now that is out of the way, let me TRY to be objectionable here. I hate the Cowboys. I mean I really hate the Cowboys. I have stopped dating girls because I found out they were fans. I have turned down perspective roommates who more than qualified to live in the house I was renting because of their allegiance. I mean, I hate the Cowboys. From their owner who looks like Skeletor, to their head coaches. From Landry to Johnson, Parcells to Garrett I hate them all. The fact they call themselves “America’s Team” makes me want to punch a baby deer right in the face! AAAAAAGH!! The last time I remember us playing the Bums on Thanksgiving Ryan Leaf was their QB and they BEAT US! That right there was enough to drive me to murdering a group of bunnies!

But I digress; I am here to speak about the game. THE game that millions will be watching while eating turkey with all the fixings, and drinking whatever they have in front of them. I already know that I can expect 2345234342534 text messages to come my way from well wishers and trash talkers alike. This is why I am calling it THE game. No other game of ours will be watched by as many people as this one. We have to show up and dominate!

Lets break down some stats and compare the matchups here for a minute.

Murray and Jones combine for 651 yards and 4 TDs
Alfred Morris has 869 yards and 5TDs on his own.
RG III has 613 yards and 6TDs on his own as well.

We completely dominate them here. The Bums don’t know what to do with their running backs because honestly none of them can stay healthy long enough to really show what they have going. They have given up 8TDs and 1066 yards so far this season. We should dominate here and that’s that. But here is the problem; passing.
“Punk ass” Dez Bryant has 735 yards and Miles “Kardashian” Austin has 727 yards. While we by far have the worst secondary in the league. This is not something I am proud of but just truth. They are destroyed each week (except this) by a WR and make them look like a stud. Our corners have proven time and time again that they just can’t cover for that long and get beat more times than not. So this is where we need the X factor to come in to play; the QB.
RG III has 2193 yards, 12 throwing TDs and 3 INTs
Romosaurus has 2916 with 13 throwing TDs and 13 INTs.

Immediately you can see where the difference is. RG III takes care of the ball while Romo just slings it around….as per the norm with Romo. We need to get pressure on him and hit him hard and often. Against the Iggles I saw Perry come off the end blitzing knocking down Foles, I saw Hall come off the corner, I saw linebackers hitting the center so hard that he went 3 yards backwards and crushed any pocket they had. We need to do that as well to Romo. Even with Merriweather out now we need to keep the same pace we had going. It is possible! Romo’s been sacked 24 times so far this year and we need to continue with the success we had with the Iggles.

We need to blitz, blitz, blitz and run, run, run! If we can get RG to avoid running in to Ware and Ratliff he should be able to get good chunks of yards from these guys. This is a huge game for us, this is a big point in our season and will determine where we go from here on out.

Skins – 31
Bums - 21
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