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Pre-Draft Scouting Report on Kevin Hogan

Before you read this post, you may want to check out Redskins Recon's Post-Mortem on Kevin Hogan

It's not pretty.

Anyway, I'm going to briefly look at Hogan's pre-draft evaluation from Pro Scouting Guide Ourlads.
Ourlads is run by former NFL scout Dan Shonka.
Apparently many of the teams have copies of the annual guide with them at the draft.

(Here the Patriots are using the guide in 2011)​

Anyway, since 2014, I've been buying the guides because they give good scouting reports for prospects, but also for players the Redskins pick up as UDFAs, FAs or trades in future years.
I found a really good review on Zach Vigil the other day that I may share on the blog at some point.
So, today we'll look at Kevin Hogan's evaluation from Ourlads*

7.80** (grade) Kevin Hogan Stanford 6'3(2/8)" 218lbs 4.73 (40 yard dash)
4 year starter from McLean, Va. Two-time team captain.
WC style where responsible for various checks, calls and adjustments. Good decision maker.
Toughness to stand in the pocket but can make plays with his feet. Keeps plays alive with eyes downfield (on the move).
Throws with a elongated buggy whip release (?)
Not an elusive runner but can scramble for positive yards.
Smart player who can move defenses with his eyes.
Can take snaps under center but also shotgun formation.
Doesn't have a bazooka for a right arm, but gets ball there with timing and anticipation. Steps up in the pocket and follows through on passes.
Uses all his receivers as weapons, particularly TEs on crossing and corner routes. Puts ball where receivers can catch and not break stride.
Protects football under pressure.
Very accurate when using correct footwork and fundamentals. Feet get wider than shoulders which affects balance. Must continue to work on footwork and balance. If off-balance Hogan's throws lose deep downfield velocity.
So I can see why Jay Gruden may have wanted Hogan.
Ball protection, crossing routes and using all receivers in a WC style system. All seem to be things Jay likes in a QB.
Apparently the focus on fundamentals and footwork has been a major issue at the pro level.
I will be curious to see how Hogan develops in OTAs and Training Camp.
At this point it's really hard to tell if Hogan will be the 'Skins future back up or cut. Either way, dropping 17 spots in the 6th round for a player really does no harm for the 'Skins. It's worth a shot.

* Ourlads Guide to the NFL DRAFT 2016 pg. 3
** 7.80 is the grade for the player. A player with a grade between 7.99-7.00: Good backup, upgrades "stop gap" starter/career backup. Eventual starter with developmental time. Was considered a 3rd/4th round prospect. (Was drafted in the 5th round by KC).

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