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Thoughts On Dwayne Haskins Topics

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Getting ready to start working on my draft write ups, but 1st here's some quick thoughts on Dwayne Haskins.
As you know, DC loves QB drama and we've already had some stories about our new QB that is drawing debate or commentary from the fans and even some in the media.
So, here's what I think about each topic. Imagine me shaking my head in disdain on a few of these topics.

Haskins Buys A Bentley
Beyond sounding like an interesting title for a movie or episode of a TV show, nobody should really care if he buys a Bentley, a Tesla, a Honda CRV or a Nissan Altima.
Frankly, it's his money and he can do whatever he wants with it. Personally, I hope he has people around him like his family, agent or advisors at the NFLPA to help him save and invest his money for the future. Buying a car, even a fancy one like a Bentley, doesn't mean that Haskins is not responsible or a diva or some type of flamboyant showboat.

Sometimes a car is just a car.

Anyone that lives in the Mid Atlantic region or Delmarva knows that you normally need a vehicle to get around. It might as well be a nice vehicle if you can afford it.

The Debate Over Wearing #7
Before I get to #7, I want to state that I believe that Sean Taylor's #21 should be retired. It's not that Sean was a greater player than Sonny, John, Art or Darrell but the tragic murder of a potential legendary Redskins player rocked the franchise, the team and the fans. Currently, Sean's locker and is memorialized at Redskins Park (?) (The locker was encased in glass at FedEx. It was moved from the locker room to the club level but I think it was eventually moved to Ashburn).
Since the jersey is currently on display, I don't think that anybody should be wearing it currently, although if the Taylor family gave their blessing, I'd be fine with their decision.

As for Dwayne Haskins wearing #7, I'm perfectly fine with his choice. Remember, it was Haskins who said he wanted to get Joe Theismann's blessing/approval. Prior to him mentioning this was the only comment from Theismann, welcoming Haskins to the team (emphasis on "from one #7 to another."). If anything, I commend Dwayne Haskins because he knows the team's history and has respect for the players of the past, especially a specific player who wore the same number during one of the better times in Redskins History. Theismann obviously gave his blessing and his hoping to sit down eventually with the rookie and probably talk some football and why they both chose #7.

This isn't the 1st time this has happened in Redskins history. In 2005, rookie quarterback Jason Campbell did the exact same thing as Dwayne Haskins and asked a Super Bowl MVP quarterback of the Redskins if he could wear his number. That quarterback however, was Doug Williams. There was no articles by the media screaming about why he shouldn't wear the number or how dare a former player expect a rookie to kiss his ring in order to wear his number. Not a peep really, no ire. No debates.

Jersey numbers are important to players. Since you don't see their faces (helmets) and their names are just on the back of their jerseys, it's the number that stands out that represents them. So, I see why it's important to the individual players but I really don't see what's the big deal about holding jersey numbers of past players. I know it's out of respect but I think all that's it's going to do it just cause drama and we have enough of that already in DC.

Finally, I can't stand a certain national sportswriter and the garbage he constantly spews about the Redskins just because he's had a "woke" moment and now thinks the team's name is offensive. He wrote a real derogatory article about Theismann and the number issue. Good for you! Keep virtue signaling to alleviate that guilt you have. Here's a cookie to go with your flavored coffee that you'd rather write about than football.

Should Haskins Be A Day One Starter?
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