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  1. The Bombshell.

    Joe Gibbs did walk out unscathed, but not his D-Coordinator. Don’t get me wrong - Gregg Williams is a nasty cuss of a man and can be rude and short to fault - I’ve had that experience first hand - but he didn’t deserve the smear campaign that sent him out when Joe Gibbs retired. And I still...
  2. The Bombshell.

    How out of touch can he fucking be? He is disappointed that a woman would not come forward to him in a culture that was clearly supporting degrading harassment of women at every turn. If he was as hands off as he wants everyone to think he was ... cause yeah right, Snyder has been known for...
  3. The Bombshell.

    One thing I am a bit worried about here is that I am a big fan of what Rivera is doing here. When the David Tepper came to Carolina - he fired Rivera mostly because Rivera wasn't his guy - he wanted to have his own stamp on things. I hope that doesn't happen here. I really like what we've...
  4. The Bombshell.

    Yes indeed - I hadn't gotten to that part as I don't have subscription to the Washington Post and hadn't read the ESPN article when I posted last. But with that as well as the potential for a nude behind the scenes video .... 2 things may be leaving soon ... Dan from the team and Tanya from Dan
  5. The Bombshell.

    Just wow - the cheerleader thing in the tunnel ... the cheerleader escort scandal ... history of no accountability and mass dismissals of staff over and over which seem to have the added bonus of making those in power who stay seem untouchable .... There is NO WAY Daniel Snyder didn't know...
  6. Anxiety Sucks!

    Mental health is an interesting label. The science of it is an extremely broad spectrum covering chemical imbalances such as bipolar disorder and certain types of depression to behavioral disorders which stem from a combination of trauma and neglect during formative years - such as narcissism...
  7. WFT Names Jason Wright Team President

    Is there another way of looking at this by chance? The fact that he is black says a lot and shouldn't be silenced for just his qualifications and non-racial experience. I think part of the reason this is an important hire and why he himself has says this is personal, is because he is black. I...
  8. Statement from Current Owner Dan Snyder

    ntotoro and CounterTrey - fair points on CK with both individual stats and Eric Reid
  9. Statement from Current Owner Dan Snyder

    Owners in the league are not that different ... yes, they are different, but not by a good distance ... take CK ... they systematically blackballed him from rejoining the league based on his kneeling as it wasn't about what is right and wrong ... it was about what was considered turning fans off...
  10. The Bombshell.

    I recall not too long ago McDonald's fired their successful CEO because of an affair he was having which by all accounts was consensual, but is still an abuse of power and is against policy based on the fact that you can't disregard the power that comes from the head of the company, even if you...
  11. The Bombshell.

    You think Walmart greeters should wear tight skirts and heels? (Just teasing). Hate when I give myself bad images
  12. The Bombshell.

    I agree that the pre-release hype of what this could be became dramatized into extreme situations of sex slaves, owners and coaches getting involved in misdeeds, and many sensational activities that would have been less, for lack of a better term, mainstream inappropriate from a national...
  13. Statement from Current Owner Dan Snyder

    let's not forget the local WNBA team as well
  14. The Bombshell.

    So more thoughts since my last post on all of this ... Some people have suggested that the women who were asked to wear tight clothing and heels were appropriately addressed as they knew those were the requirements when they got the job ... I would say unless we know that she was hired...
  15. The Bombshell.

    A point noted in the articles, which is beyond outrageous and shows the true character and nature of Dan Snyder, is the fact that he won't release the victims from their NDAs. Not even with the condition that the only thing they may disclose is their experience with the Redskins management and...
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