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Zorn Staying Helps Redskins Long Term


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
Although I expect to see a new HC in Washington in 2010, I think keeping Zorn and looking at the remaining 10 games as player auditions for next season is the right move now.

There are a number of skill players on the club, including high draft picks that we need to assess over the balance of the year.

Jimmy Johnson said he would clean house on the roster and start over as the 49ers did.

While I agree some name players need to go and they might have already made the case for themselves, there are others we don't want to jettison prematurely and see surface in Dallas or NY next season.

The best way to evaluate them is to continue running the offense they worked in during the offseason with the same coaches.
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I think there is still no purpose in firing Zorn prior to the end of the season.

Is this season salvagable? Probably not.
Will Zorn's firing make the team better? No. If anything I expect a worst performance.

We know that none of the candidates Snyder is targeting will take over mid-season.....so stick with the guy.
yeah, that's my view. continuity is the best way of seeing if some of the younger players can catch on and be viewed as building blocks for the future.

Zorn has promoted Devin Thomas over Kelly and ARE and we need to see what he can do over the next 10 games.
I agree bulldog.

At worst, these guys (the young players) don't do anything and then the new staff will have to evaluate whether it's the player isn't executing or "getting it", whether it's something that the scheme failed to produce or whether the player needs to be coached better in technique.

It would be nice to get some good amount of tape on the following players:
Kelly, Thomas, Mitchell, Rinehart, Davis, Williams (G/C), Barnes, Tryon, Moore, Orakpo, Jarmon.

Then the new regime can determine what they need to do with some of these guys (trade, cut or develop) since many of them are young and some will remain Redskins for years to come.
Obviously you're using the "dannyworld" definition of "long term". Meaning the end of the season.

But you're right, we should see who has what, who really wants to play ball, and evaluate who we can trade in the off season
We still gotta see if Thomas/Kelly/Davis have any ability

Same with C Rinehart

You hope they actually do have NFL talent, which would give our new coach something to start with.

Because you still need 4 new o-lineman (at least), a QB, 2 RBs on O. Lots of work needs to be done

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