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Writing in Reverse


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Jul 16, 2011
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If you close your eyes, you can feel the stadium bouncing and a certain roar eminating not from the mouth, but from the heart and perhaps even the soul... "We want Dallas"

You can see a three hundred pound Darryl Grant high stepping it to the endzone, the swift breeze of Darrell Green's wake blows by you as he tracks down fellow speedster Tony Dorsett, You can taste the victory of two miracle bombs landing in Santana Moss' hands in an explosion that ended the myth of a Dallas safety's greatness...

You can smell the smoke of fireworks and of champagne. You can taste the tears of celebration and bitter defeat.

This is Dallas week! Tonight in Dallas this game is a national phenomenon. A year ago, in another national game on Thanksgiving... RGIII trumpeted his arrival as a force. Remember, that first half, remember the power and ease... one that hadn't been seen perhaps since Doug William's Superbowl.

We're here again!

Now, some of you may be questioning the title at this point, but I just read an article by the Washington Post's Mike Foolish. Mike says the rivalry is dead, dull, and except for a few embers forgotten. Mike isn't Wise. He isn't profound. He isn't right. Most importantly, isn't it the job of a sport's writer to stir up passion and not try to defuse it? What a stupid article especially given last year.

Remember Thanksgiving? Remember the final game of the season? One lives and one dies? Tell me the rivalry is buried? Seriously! C'mon Mike Foolish tell me that.

It may be a down year. It may be a tough game. But if you don't feel something twisting inside you and you don't leave your seat... that isn't about the rivalry. That's about something in your own jaded, cynical, rationalizing, heart.

Get 'em and Hail!
Interesting thread. The Cowboy fans I run into across the country speak to the nonsense of that comment, they yap just as loud as they did 20 years ago. But Dallas natives...a different breed. I was down there last weekend and was in full gear the whole time and while I got lots of dirty looks I got zero comments...zero. Maybe it's not the rivalry that's dead, but the typical hometown Cowboy fan has just grown apathetic. I agree that Wise is a fool though.
Wise has turned into a hater, plain and simple. He ought to remember that without DC sports teams, he wouldn't have a ****ing job. Having an 'agenda' is apparently a requirement to cover the Redskins for the Post. The guys that try to report straight up and objectively don't last very long. A guy like Wise - he's there for life.

As for the rivalry, it's just common sense. When both teams are a consistent threat to win the division, you'll see it heat up. When neither is a consistent threat (as has been the case for a long, long time and continues to be so until proven otherwise), of course the intensity will not be quite as obvious.
The rivalry isn't dead, it's been in remission. Us getting beat by them boys' twice a year for double digit consecutive years, that builds a rivalry. The recent events mentioned earlier in this post also fortify a level of utter disgust when I see that star. I HATE that star.. so much so that I saw a possible helmet re-design for the "Washington Warriors" that contained a soldier with a star as a backdrop, and immediately said "NO!!"

Mike Wise is a windbag. He likes to hear is own voice and read his own thoughts, all while laughing so hard at himself he disregards what other people say. I used to listen to his radio show and got so irritated at times I decided I couldn't do it anymore... I refuse to read his articles and if I never hear from him again, i'm fine with it.

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