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Why its ok to be active in Free Agency.....


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Feb 22, 2010
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After the Synderatto era, a lot of people including myself just wanted quiet offseasons with very little free agent moves.

Why? Because we didn't trust them to make smart moves when it came to free agents and trades. They were the Washington Generals of NFL Front Offices.

As Portis once said, if you want to get paid...come to Washington. At least I think he said that.

History of guys like Brandon Lloyd, Arch Deluxe, Randel El getting 30 mil deals with 10 mil bonus'

The 100 mil for Hanyesworth who missed about 25% of the season, and who knows how many plays a game.

But to me.....things have changed. My mindset on free agency has changed. I don't think the Allen/Shanny front office is going to set the standard for big contracts going forward. I think they might go for a guy or two who would demand a decent amount of cash. But nothing record setting. So this is where I want to see them being active in the offseason. Not just signing free agents....but cutting overpaid guys on the current roster. I think there will be a lot of blue collar guys that Vinny and Danny wouldn't have thought of twice, which can help. So, while I want a guy like Leigh Bodden....or wouldn't be angry at a Brian Westbrook. I want to see them active in flushing this team of the divas....and loading it with practice and character guys.

Two things.

We want healthy players and we want players that have a good work ethic.

Where the team has gotten into trouble is when attitude and in some cases prior health history are ignored.

Haynesworth is productive but did not come to camp in great shape and no one is about to name hima team captain for his positive attitude. He faced a number of nagging injuries in 2009 which more than one observer noted could have been the result of a lack of conditioning.

Ditto here for the 5 year saga of Clinton Portis. The team had to bribe him to follow the offseason program in 2008 when he ran for 1,487 yards. You can see what a lack of fitness produced in Portis before the concussion in 2009.

On the other end are guys like Malcolm Kelly that carried significant health risks before he was drafted. Cerrato pulled the trigger anyway even though he just took a WR in Devin Thomas earlier in the same round.

Hopefully Allen and Shanahan are looking at more than statistics when they evaluate a player.

Terrell Owens put up great numbers for years but was always fingered as the guy in the middle of the storm.
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I believe the major difference with this administration is that the staff will actually have a plan in place as to which FAs they need to FIT the scheme. Enough of the square peg in the round hole philosophy. Lets evaluate the system that we have and target the players that will actually work! Case in point, you have Landry @ FS when he should be @ SS, RAK @ LB when he should be a DE in the 4-3 scheme. For the first time in a long time I can say that I can actually trust the FO to make the most prudent choices for the future of the team. :)

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