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Who wants a Redskins hat?


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Apr 11, 2009
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Some friends gave me this brand new 'New Era' flex-fit Redskins hat. I can't wear flex-fit hats. First person to call 'dibs' here owns it.


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Bring it when we do the BGO tailgate in November, I am sure that you can find a worthy member to take it, or have some sort of drinking game and the winner gets it! I prefer to wear a visor, you have any of those hahahahahaa
Lanky it is. PM me your address and I'll shoot it to you.
I will give you 20 bucks for it! OK...no I won't! I think it's a stupid looking hat and Lanky can have it! ;)
So, I just got the hat and salts from John in the mail, awesome! Unfortunately, its actually a size 7 1/2 fitted hat, not a flex-fit. This means it will not fit my monster noggin (see below). So let's try this again - who wants a size 7 1/2 fitted hat? Or Boone, do you want it back now that its not flex-fit? Lol. Reporting back on the salt later! :)

Awww man - sorry about that! Nah, I don't want it back...find someone who can wear that bad boy...
Nobody wants the hat? I'll give it till tomorrow sometime before I put it on Facebook...

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Shoot.. I'll take it.. let me know how much etc.... PM me.

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