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Who is most responsible for the loss

I voted for Landry. Man he was awful. Especially for a guy who celebrates as much as he does.
The interesting aspect of this poll is that any of three answers is correct taken either singly or in combination with any of the others.
Sadly I gotta put a lot of blame on Suisham.

But there's a lot of blame to go around for this one.

Campbell played well, for once, though.
I'm going to go with "other". My choice would be Servumtuum. Ever since his kudos thread, Suisham seems to have been jinxed. :cry:
Dan Snyder.
Vinny Cerrato.

and Mark Brunell*

* Had to throw in the classic "It's Brunell's Fault" from the old ES days since he was the holder for the Saints today.
I'm going to go with "other". My choice would be Servumtuum. Ever since his kudos thread, Suisham seems to have been jinxed. :cry:

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. :eek:

Uh...let's see...I know I can find some ashes, I just wonder if I still have my sackcloth in storage.
So if Landry doesnt blow those 2 touchdown coverages then Suisham's field goal doesnt matter.

its shawn freaking suisham. we all knew he was going to go back to his old ways. its like people believing kyle orton is now some great QB when his team is 6-0.

Covering a receiver downfield is a heck of a lot harder than kicking what should have amounted to an extra point. Landry's a bonehead for falling for it twice but Suisham not only let his team down, he robbed the team and the fans of the biggest win in two years.

Right up there with Suisham would be the replay referree. It's not too uncommon for the replay ref to blow a call. Blowing two in one game is extremely rare and should cost the man his job. As I stated before, anything the head of officials says defending either call is a blatant lie.
I think that a large part of the blame resides with Zorn! When you are a 3 win team up against a team like the Saints who can and have scored at will, you DO NOT give up on a super hot QB and passing game for a FG, you just can't do it. I would have thought he'd learned his lesson by being burned by the same loser mentality a couple of weeks ago. Anyhow, Suisham certainly deserves some of the blame here in missing an absolutely gimmie FG but the fact that he was out there to begin with is a shame. JC should have had 4, if not 5 passing TDs today if Zorn had played to win!
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Having a hard time picking one. Suisham should make that FG! Landry needs to understand his position, play within the system, and game situation. The coaches should have taken at least one shot in the endzone before FG. I know playing percentages, so if trying for FG you fall down in middle of field to take angles out of play.

So....I blame Vinny and Snyder.
So much blame to pass around, you can't pick just one. Suisham should definitely make a 23-yard chip shot, unless the snap is so botched, the holder can't get it down. Landry should not bite on the same effing move every week. And the refs should not blow a crucial call in overtime, and just hand the Saints the ball to end the game.
The fault for the TD lies not with Landry but the organization. He is a strong safety and his instincts are to attack the ball and take chances to fill close to the line of scrimmage.

Those instincts are a disaster in open space down the field.

As far as Suisham goes, I again blame the organization. Statistically he was the worst kicker in the NFC last year, yet the Redskins brought him back with little competition for a spot in 2009 and are being 'rewarded' for their choice.

In terms of accountability, Jimmy Johnson is right that if you can't count on a guy in crunch time you might as well get rid of him.
Suisham Suisham Sushiam Suisham Sushiam

He's a fine kicker, when nothing is on the line. When it comes to crunch time, he blows.

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