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Who could we move?

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Jul 15, 2009
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For the sake of discussion I wanted to put together a list of players in one thread that I think could be trade bait before the draft. I’ll try to add some reasoning behind my thoughts as well. I don’t like the idea of moving good players for draft picks just for the sake of getting more draft picks. I’d like to see a method to the madness.

Hayneswoth – He probably has the most value. The fan base hasn’t exactly warmed up to Al either so moving him, as long as we got value in return, wouldn’t anger the fan base much. Clearly the best scenario would be to have him get with the program, stay with the team and be the dominant player we know he can be. Moving him without a very good deal or some other factors past what we know would be foolish. You don’t trade a guy like this for a case of Bud Light and a six pack to be named later. This guy is a game changer. To top it off we’ve already paid the largest part of his contract. Why should we buy high and sell low?

Landry – Another name we’ve heard batted around a lot. He’s not complete garbage but he’s not the guy we thought we were drafting either. Problem is the rest of the league knows this too so I don’t think he has a lot of trade value. Nobody is giving up a first rounder for him and it’s questionable if we could get a second for him. We have two other players on the team right now in Doughty and Horton who could fill his role on the team so I don’t think we lose much in moving him. The problem again is finding a trading partner. I don’t see it happening unless we decide just to give him away. Perhaps the new defense will bring him around?

Cooley – Relax, I’m just talking here, not advocating a move. We have another promising player behind him now in Davis. It’s unlikely that they will see the field at the same time much, if at all. It seems like a bit of a waste to stockpile talent at the TE position for exactly that reason. Davis should be good but he hasn’t proven it like Cooley has yet, so there would be some risk there although I think Davis is going to be very solid. Cooley has been a great teammate, solid citizen, Pro Bowler and a fan favorite. I don’t see how we could move him without being blown away by some offer and I just don’t see too many teams lining up to do this.

Campbell – We don’t need to talk much about this one. He’s going to be moved it’s just a question of what we can get for him.

Am I forgetting anyone?
Honestly, I think the entire roster, save for the recently acquired guys by Shanahan and Allen, are all on the block.
I feel ya man and I don't disagree. My question is who has any real value other than the guys I mentioned? Can you think of anyone else?
Carlos Rogers was part of the rumor mill earlier in the year. I think he is on board with the program now so probably not an option.

I'd love for Haynesworth to fall in line like Carlos seems to have done, though I don't think it will happen.

Portis could possibly bring a decent pick.

I was upset at Landry's play last year as much as anyone, but I'd like to see him play in the new defense. I'd be disappointed if we traded him now.
I think pretty much anyone on the roster right now who was not brought in by Shanahan this off season or isn't named Orakpo, Fletcher or Hall is up for grabs if the price is right at the moment.
I think pretty much anyone on the roster right now who was not brought in by Shanahan this off season or isn't named Orakpo, Fletcher or Hall is up for grabs if the price is right at the moment.

Is there an echo in here? ;)
Once again, still on my "what's the rest of the NFL fan-world think of the goings-on in Washington" hunt-I had to rephrase it because the Big Al being shopped rumor has started threads in multiple team forums-I ran across something fascinating that kinda surprised me and kinda didn't.

Laron Landry. I've seen posts on at least four different team boards asking if Landry might be traded. Two things; one, the posts pretty much say the same thing-he's been playing out of position and two, they (the fans posting) would seriously like to put him on their FO's "take a long look at list".

Apparently the Redskins are more closely observed league-wide than I thought.
I guess its safe to say Stephon Heyer isn't on any other team's wish list.
I guess its safe to say Stephon Heyer isn't on any other team's wish list.

None, except one poster who mentioned him in a post describing..well...how much the poster thought the Skins O-Line sucked. Sorry, but you asked. :frown2:
Fred Davis could be a guy another team wants added as part of a multi-player trade but I don't think he'd be sought or shopped by himself.

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