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Were we Given 5 Downs?

Just rewind and watch it. Stupid commentators weren't giving credit for the 1st down pass. We got no extra downs. What was galling was the fact that they screwed that up so badly but gave zero explanation in the follow up. They just said "the field has it different than us!" I've never found Moose too impressive in the booth. Siragusa is good, but Moose, not so much. He's too much of a fan in the booth.
I'll watch it again but I did it last night and they just blew it on that last 1st down pass...they never switched it in the booth. Whatever, Redskins didn't deserve it anyway.
Nah - Fox either had the 1st-down spot wrong, or the previous spot wrong. It was their mistake, plain and simple. You'll notice they don't have an image of the previous spot. :)
Not only didn't we get 5 downs, we also didn't get any holding calls on the Tampa OL in the fourth quarter. Every play these guys were hanging all over Redskins defenders, it looked like WWE full-contact.

The refs put their whistles in their pockets in the second half. Some of that did benefit the Redskins as DeAngelo Hall should have been ejected for touching the referee on that play with Winslow when he was arguing back and forth.

Looked like a hockey game out there.

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