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Waxing Poetic....


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Jul 15, 2009
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Hermosa Beach, California
Just ran across this bit I'd written for "that other site" about 5 years ago. I have to say that it still holds true for me............you?



In the end, we are defined in death by who we were in life. The legacy we leave is built....brick by brick.....as we each meander and find our way through this bewildering, occasionally disappointing and yet often exhilarating world.

I, personally, hope to be remembered.....MORE than anything....for simply being a good person. For being someone who could be counted on and trusted. For being the kind of person in which others could find comfort, could count on for a quick smile...and who could be looked to for even and solid advice. For being a loving and committed father, son, husband and brother.........and for always being there when it mattered most.

When I am finally laid to rest, though, I expect I will be remembered by my closest friends for something else as well. For something that...on the surface...isn't worthy of mentioning in the same breath as those traits listed above. And still, this other thing.....this other passion, as it were.....is for some reason just as critical to knowing me as a person. For, as much as anything, it helps to illustrate my ability to show devotion, loyalty, fortitude and faithfulness under all manner of circumstance. And that....I think......is something to strive for.

You see.....they will know me, too, as a Washington Redskin fan.

I don't paint my face....I don't wear a pig nose to work....and I only have one or two Redskin t-shirts. I have a family and a successful career....and I have no desire to devote a room in my house to the team. But, no matter how much a roller coaster ride it may be, I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing than watching a Redskin game.

This season, to be sure, has been a disappointment. There have been others. But there will always be the draw of the next season....perhaps a winning season....to keep me coming back. No matter how disastrous the year may have been, the promise of the next is all too tantalizing.

I grew up in the Washington, DC area....and now have lived four thousand miles away for more than twenty years. Geography has not diminished my enthusiasm one bit. If anything, the challenge of it has greatened it. I've see fans come and go...turning away when disappointment shows up and returning on the bandwagon of success. But, I've been there through it all....year after year. And the ride......it doesn't get any better.

I remember so many players and coaches from all these many years.....and I remember more games and plays than I'd ever admit to...none any bigger than John Riggins breaking away in Super Bowl XVII. That was, to me, the defining play of my lifetime. But, just one.....out of many.

This whole experience began for me around the age of five, I'd guess. I'm forty-three now. I figure I've got somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty-five to forty seasons left to watch and cheer and look forward to. I don't want it to end.

But it will.

And when it does.....well......it does. And, most likely, no one will make any note or mention of the fact that I was a Redskin fan. They'll probably just remember all those other things about me.

And, that'd be okay.

But secretly.....I kinda hope.....that if someone were to visit my grave.....that on my gravestone they'd find one of those little, plastic Redskin helmets.

'Cause, hey....it's who I am.



Postscript: I'm now nearly 48 years old, have two daughters (not just one as I did then) and recently made a ridiculous purchase. Here are my two little Redskin fans in my authentic Fedex Field stadium seats....doing the wave (of course). Life is good.


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This is easily one of the best posts I've read as part of an online Redskins community, and one that we can certainly all relate to on some level. I remember reading it over on "the other site" and thinking about how it put a smile on my face then...it did the same thing now - very refreshing given the state of the franchise in recent history. Your thoughts pretty much sum up the pride, connection, and bond we all have to this beloved team win or lose.

Others might think we are crazy for having the passion we do, but I don't think that any of us would really want to have it any other way.
I know the feeling. I spent 12 years out of the DC area and never lost my obsession. The only thing keeping me here instead of moving back to FL is the love of my life, but it makes it a little easier during football season when the Redskins are playing.

Yeah, it's a funny thing this love for the Redskins. Can't really explain it, but it ain't going away.

Thanks for the kind words, guys. It's been a great ride to date and I can't wait to see how things unfold in the days/years to come.
Vaguely remember that post from another life. Loved it then, love it now.

Hail, hermano.

Someone cast the 3rd vote already!
what would you do if the Skins ever relocated!!!!

You know, I've actually asked myself that question before. I've lived in LA for the last 26 years and having no local NFL franchise the last 15 or so has made it easier to stay just as loyal to the Redskins as ever. Everytime there's talk of a new team here I always hope that if/when it comes that it's an expansion team and not a relocated team from another city. In part because I'm a traditionalist and like the Browns in Cleveland and the Chargers in San Diego. Never liked the Colts in Indy or the Cardinals in Arizona or the Rams in St. Louis. Just didn't feel right. Now, if the Redskins were to move, I wouldn't be held to the same trappings as the DC fans in terms of getting to the games and the local camaraderie......but, I think it'd be really tough to adjust to the change of identity. The Skins have been in DC since 1932 and they're so much a part of the fabric of the city. People may disagree with that when the team is losing.....but nonetheless it's a fact.

I remember feeling a little iffy about Shanahan when he was hired cause in my mind he was a Bronco. But then I thought back a bit and came to terms with it since at the end of the day, everybody has to come from somewhere. Allen came from the Rams, Gibbs from the Chargers....hell, for a year there we even had Lombardi.

I have friends here in LA who still follow the Rams.....and some who still follow the Raiders. I suppose that if the Redskins ever relocated I'd just have to figure things out.....but I have a suspicion that it wouldn't really matter. I'm a Redskin fan for life. We're both in too deep at this point.

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