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Vikings @ Redskins: Predict The Score


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I am a believer, and I believe we are improving, even if only slightly. I like what we've been seeing, and I think it will carry over long enough to continue to hurt our draft position, which doesn't mean jack to me like it does some of you. Tom Brady was a 7th round pick. Ryan Leaf was a #2 pick. Draft position means nothing.

Redskins 29
Vikings 15

And we lose another spot in the draft. :laugh:
Jared Allen is gonna make it a looooong day for Redskins fans. However, the Vikings timid play-calling and rookie QB will make it a loooooong day for their fans as well.

Redskins 28 - Vikings 21

Both teams score a DTD, Banks adds a return TD. Grossman finds Moss and Helu for scores.
I think Kyle surprises the heck out of everyone and schemes the perfect game to neutralize the only real threat the Vikings have on defense, Jared Allen. He is angry after getting benched last week, so that could play to our advantage. But with a player like Allen, it could be very detrimental to the team he gets to take out his frustrations on. On the first play of the game, I would roll Rex out to his right on the TE slipping underneath play that has been successful all year.

I think a quick 15-25 yard pick up on the first play of the game could put them back on their heels a little. This might be a game where we should pass it early to open up the run. They just need to make sure that Willie Smith gets some help so Allen doesn't wreak havoc.

I still think we blow their doors off, unless they get AP and Gerhardt going early.


I don't even think their offense gets trash points unless they bring in Webb late in the game. He may be good for a TD.
Bodog currently has the Redskins as 6.5 point favorites. Wowzers.
oh boy...it was only one game...but here goes:

Skins 24

Vikes 13
Hmmm. This is actually a tough one, but I'd have to say Skins win 17 to 12.
I haven't been close yet this season but here it goes. Skins 20-14.
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Lanky's mention of Banks got me curious enough to compare ST stats between the Skins and the Vikes and I ran into a couple of surprises that may cause me to withdraw some of my criticisms of Danny Smith.

Average punt return yardage allowed by the Vikes this season is 13.5 yards which ranks them 29th in terms of limiting the opposing team's punt returns.

The Redskins allow an average of 7.4 yards which is good for 7th lowest in the league.

On kickoff returns the Vikes opponents have been averaging 25.2 yards-they're ranked 24th. The Skins are allowing an average of 20.8 which is the second lowest in the league. Only the Chiefs are better at 20.5 yards. That was a surprise. That may come in very handy since the Vikes lead the league when they receive the kickoff with an average of 27.8 yards. The Skins are, unfortunately ranked 27th when we receive the kickoff with a 21.7 yard average. Punts are a different story. The Vikes only average 8.5 yards per punt return-a ranking of 23rd-so if and when we have to punt Sav and our coverage have got a good chance to bury them pretty deep in their own territory. Sav's puting 44% of his punts inside the opposing team's 20 yard line while Chris Kluwe, the Vikes punter, is only putting 28% of his punts inside the opponents 20.

The Redskins, BTW, are middle of the pack-ranked 16th-with a punt return average of 9.8 yards.

The Vikes have allowed 1TD on a kickoff return and 1TD on a punt return, the Redskins have allowed neither.



Oh, you wanted a score prediction. I think it will be closer than many expect.

You guys predicting a blowout are forgetting the curse of the rookie QBs for the Skins.

Good guys 28, bad guys 24
What has been conveniently forgotten is that the Vikings defense has been AWFUL for most of the season. What made the Vikings front difficult in past years was the presence of 4 standout performers, meaning that you couldn't double them all.

If you are down to one outstanding player you have the luxury of scheming around him, if you are smart.

Given that Grossman has no mobility and Smith is a rookie, the chances are that Allen gets a sack and some hurries.

But Ponder and Webb are not Cam Newton or the Sam Bradford of 2010 that beat the Redskins.

Ponder looks like a rookie and makes rookie mistakes. A good pass rush should cause him to make 2-3 key miscues during the game and that should be enough if Rex doesn't develop a passion for purple jerseys.

Redskins - 27
Vikings - 17
This is a game that we should win. We have been playing well the last 2 games inspite of injuries. The team certianly has confidence and it should translate to the field. The downside is that we are kicking too many field goals. Otherwise our offense would be scoring more. Another added plus is that this is the last home game. As long we don't play down to our opponent and comment too many turnovers this is a win.

27-13 skins
I'm feeling up today boys....putting draft stuff aside...


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