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Video: It's Not About The Nail


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Apr 11, 2009
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Tried to watch and was told I do not have permission...
We've got the video library turned off temporarily while we migrate to the new server, that's why you can't access It at the moment. But you need to see this one :)
So awesome and so true. Anyone who is married will completely get this video :laugh:

edit: showed my wife, she was offended. It's accurate and confirmed :laugh:
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I saw it a few weeks ago. Showed it to my wife.

She was not amused. :)

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My wife thought it was funny that other people's wives would be like that.

I then spent the rest of the evening telling her she was right.

Thanks, Boone.
I showed it originally to my all-female co-workers. They laughed. Sure - your wife/girlfriend may not laugh. But it's only because they're distracted.

By that damn nail in their head.

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