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Apr 1, 2011
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When I took the kids to the planetarium the other night, the director told me about this awesome thing he stumbled upon. It's on the astronomy picture of the day site, but it's a Flash animated scale model that you can zoom in or out on that compares the sizes of various different things in our own world, and the rest of the universe. It goes down as small as unconfirmed things like quarks and quark foam, and zooms all the way out to the largest known stars, and everything like viruses, amoebas, humans, bugs, states, etc. in between.

When you click the start button, it takes about 20 seconds before it's active, but then you just click and move the slider at the bottom of the picture to zoom in and out. I think it's really neat.

It really puts into perspective how microscopic and insignificant we really are in relation to the universe.

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