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The Word of Dad


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I know you're like me. Your Dad, huge bigger-than-life figure no matter who or what he was, spoke to you. Some of the words he spoke are universal.

'Don't mess with that'
'Pay attention when I'm speaking to you'
'Way to go Son'

But I'm sure, like me, there were some things your Dad said to you that resonated. Maybe they helped you make sense of some otherwise inexplicable set of circumstances. Maybe they made you laugh. Maybe they helped you understand who your Dad was, or who you wanted to grow up to be.

Regardless, your Dad spoke. And you listened. I'd love to hear some of those words you remember most.

I'll start:

"Any job worth doing is worth doing well"

"Don't put beans in your nose"

"Listen to your mother"
I used to fret over everything. I was always spending entirely too much time thinking about this or that, concluding the outcome a thousand different ways in my mind. One of the things my father would always say is, "Brian as long as you are doing the next right thing, everything is gonna be alright!" Of course most times I would shrug it off and continue to fret. It was his way of saying, don't sweat the small stuff.

Today, I still fret, but my level of acceptance and mostly trust that everything will be alright is completely different thanks to my dad's affirmations. My father's last words were, "Everyone is gonna be alright son!"

Everything is gonna be alright!

Oh yeah Boone, you reminded me also that my father took extreme pride in his work. If you have spent time or lived in Olde Towne Alexandria, chances are you have seen my father's work. He was the most reputable painter in town. He always told me to "take pride in your work."
Awesome Elephant....that is sweet stuff. My Dad instilled a real work ethic in me, both by challenging me as a kid to do tough jobs, but also showing me the rewards, and more importantly, the pride in a job well done. I was the beneficiary of a lot of great life lessons and gifts, but that might have been the greatest one I recieved. Thanks for sharing :cheers:
"It's an AFC game. Don't worry about the AFC games."

Classic Henry!
If you work like you're indespensible, then you probably won't ever be fired.

It's not your longitude or your latitude, but your attitude that is important.
Keep your eye on the ball.

You aren't going to meet any women if you don't talk to any women.

Be yourself.
When I got married: "It doesn't matter where you get your appetite, but always go home to eat." :laugh:

When I was a kid: "Don't lie to me. I'll always take your side, as long as you don't lie to me.

Everytime I talk to him: "I love you, son."

Yeah. My dad is the GOAT.
My dad and I actually shared a theme song and accompanying arm movement/not-quite-dance anytime "Fatherly Advice" came out--

I think one of the keys that he always made clear to me was to treat everyone you work with with the same degree of respect as you never know when you're going to be moving up/down/across the ladder, and more importantly, because it's the right thing to do.

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