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Take the POINTS!

Lanky Livingston

So...going for it on 4th and goal proved to be a devastating decision. If we have those 3 points, the Skins are driving for the winning field goal at the end of the game, not a desperation TD.

I understand the reasoning - need to get the offense going, have a great defense against a rookie QB, etc., however the play call boggles my mind. Everyone in the entire universe knew we were going to run left. That's the power-side of our OL, and that's where they went. The OL got man-handled, and Portis was half a yard short.

But what really kills me, is that we're playing the worst pass-defense in NFL history, and we decide to run the play that everyone and their mothers know is coming! Carolina sold out on a run left, and won. A playaction pass to Cooley would have been WIDE OPEN. Instead, we're left scratching our heads again, after a loss to a clearly inferior opponent. Damn.

The one positive - I did see a fade route to Kelly on Sunday...baby steps?
I can understand the reasoning for the call to go for it on 4th down. We SHOULD be able to get on yard on the Lions. If not, we SHOULD be able to keep them from driving 99 yards. Problem is we failed on both accounts, which it shouldn't have even come down to a 4th and goal.

We've been a running team for years. Right now think we're searching for an identity. Portis is not the back he was. Couple of years ago we would have scored. If I knew we would Portis to the right, then the Lions knew as well. I knew the coaches probably were worried about RH side of line, but they are NFL players and sometimes you have to give them a chance. Another choice earlier would to have run a naked bootleg with Campbell.

I just don't know. This is so frustrating. Think more upset with myself for putting up with this crap for past 10 years.
I keep hearing about how Portis is not the back he was. My question is how would we know? Sure, he likely isn't the home run threat he once was. No doubt about that. But he has become a different kind of back and I don't see him as "done" in any way, shape or form.

This last week we started a second year man at RG where we used to have one of the best pulling guards of all of football. Next to him is a third man who got the job because he is better in pass pro than other RT under contract for the last year but he is the worst run blocker of the bunch. The C, while a very smart player, often loses short yardarge match ups.

So what do we do? We run left behind Samuels and Dock. Or we sweep left and try to string it out. Everyone knows that is what is going to happen. You can often see the defense line up shaded to the left.

In short, this team does not have the horses up front to impose their will on another team and move straight ahead for 1 yard when everyone in the house knows Portis is going to get the ball.

If they are determined to run where is the old heavy set? Zorn needs something like the old Gibbs Heavy Jumbo package where we bring in Mike Williams as either a replacement for Heyer or as a second T on the right side (think of Baltimore's unbalanced line). Bring in Yoder to replace Cooley.
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I really don't have a problem with that call. If we had made it, which we should have, we'd have smacked them down right at the begining, and they might have quit right there.

What I do have a problem with was the acceptance of the penalty

That was just dumb football
Agreed there Sarge. I know Zorn is a nice guy and all but there are limits and giving the other team another shot is a bad idea. Sooner or later you have to figure they will make it. Get off the field and get your offense back out there.
I agree we don't have the horses on the OL, but who is to blame? The FO has not addressed our OL in years opting to find a FA here and there. In our glory days the Hogs would have pushed them 2 yards in the endzone.

Taking the penalty...on the fence here. In retrospect is was a dumb call, but you expect our defense not to let a rookie QB (that can't run) look like Steve Young.

I keep coming back to this team has so many problems it is a cluster.
hindsight is 20/20 my man. When Zorn made that call we were all happy about it at the bar and thought the sign of aggressiveness was right on time. We needed to get in the EZ and get that monkey off our back.

now with that being said.....

It didnt work last week against the Rams so why in the hell are we running the SAME style of play? Everyone knows we go left for our power runs. Its not fooling anyone!! Even Billick was calling our plays before we got to the line of scrimmage. I really felt like our coach was Henry Winkler and they were on the other side of the field holding the "Coaching for dummies 101" book.
Sorry Mike but Lanky is right. That's a sucker's bet. Taking the points was the right thing to do and probably would have meant another dissatisfying close win, but a win nonetheless.

Zorn has gotten lucky with being aggresive a few times but he rolled snake eyes against Detroit. The outcome of this game is exactly the reason that NFL coaches (that know anything) will take the points and/or take the ball on downs every time. Unfortunately, many fans (who rarely, if ever know as much as an NFL coach) often say this as though it's a good idea. Going for it on 4th down when you don't have sure points is one thing. But when you've got a chance to put up almost certain points, never, ever, ever pass that up.

Sure, the players sucked :moon: Sunday. Even so, we still would have in all likelihood won the game, save for Zorn's incompetence. Remember, he had to screw up not one, but two calls to lose this one.

As for the run to the left, I was all but screaming naked bootleg. Correction. I would have been screaming naked bootleg if I hadn't adopted a policy of self-protective apathy a while back. Good for me and my blood pressure. :beadyeyes2: :twitch:
On the Redskins Insider podcast this week, they made an interesting point. The run to the left in goalline situations has been the Redskins staple dating back to 3 years ago against the Giants (at least), when Ladell Betts came up short on 4th and goal to tie the game. Its no secret where we are going, and it hasn't been for awhile.

While secretly I liked the decision, if you can't come up with a money play that the defense is not expecting*, just take the points.

*That is NOT a friggin halfback pass!!!

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