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Stump Mitchell


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Jul 16, 2009
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Stump Mitchell joined the Redskins’ coaching staff in 2008, adding a fresh perspective to the Redskins’ talented group of running backs. He arrived at Redskins Park from the Seattle Seahawks, where he spent the last nine seasons coaching the running backs.

From 2001-07, he coached alongside current Redskins head coach Jim Zorn, who was quarterbacks coach there at the time.

“Stump is an excellent teacher,” Zorn said. “He has been a running back in this league and I’ve gotten the opportunity to know him well during our time together in Seattle. I’ve seen firsthand how he teaches and he is a great addition to our coaching staff.”

Under Mitchell’s tutelage, running back Clinton Portis had his second-best season as a Redskin, rushing for 1,487 yards and nine touchdowns, and catching 28 passes for an additional 218 yards. His rushing yards and total yards both ranked fourth in the NFL for the year, and when Portis rushed for more than 100 yards, as he did six times, the Redskins lost only one game.

In the fourth quarter when ball control is most important, Mitchell’s running game was particularly effective. Portis led the league with 22 fourth-quarter rushing first downs, and was fourth in the league with 378 fourth-quarter rushing yards.

Of the Redskins four Pro Bowlers, two came from Mitchell’s backfield--Portis

I sometimes forget just how good Portis is--particularly when one considers that our offense has not been particularly explosive, Campbell has had very, very few 300+ yard games and our offensive line has struggled. Pretty impressive in light of those factors just how good he was last year.
Agreed Pravda. I can't help but wonder what the kid would do if Campbell and the receivers could figure out how to scare someone honest. I know he may not have all that upper gear left anymore to break off the 60+ yarders but I really don't have to have them. I will take his vision and passion and willingness to give it up with or without the ball everyday.

Of course, there are days I wish I came without the drama...
Huh...teach me to type fast without proofing won't it? :anonymous:
Huh...teach me to type fast without proofing won't it? :anonymous:
I knew what you meant, my friend. :)

And I agree with your broader points--I don't need the 60+ yard plays. If you'll recall, that's exactly how the first play from scrimmage went in Gibbs II, and look how the rest of that season went.

I just wish Portis had a little more support from the OL and didn't have to get his body beat up so bad staying in to block and taking hits from the DL and the LB corps.

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